The international jury began the review of the entries in the professional competitions

The Eurasian Prize 2018 season is entering the home stretch. The international jury began the evaluation of entries in the professional competitions “Urban Development”, “Architecture” and “Design”. The wide geographic scope of the entries indicates the successful restart (after a two-year break) of the “Eurasian Prize” in an updated format. Architects, city planners and designers from 14 countries submitted their entries to the international jury: Bangladesh, Great Britain, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Cameroon, Netherlands, Pakistan, Russia, USA, France, Japan. These entries are concepts and implemented projects from 48 cities around the world: from New York to Tokyo.

The judging process will be held in two stages: the professionals’ entries are under review at the moment, and soon the evaluation stage will begin for students’ ones. After the completion of the work of the international jury, the Organizing Committee will open all entries of the contestants for open Internet voting. The winners will be awarded the Audience Choice Prize. The Gala will take place on December 6, 2018.