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The Eurasian Prize is an annual international contest established in 2002. Its objective is to fulfill potential of modern urban development as a complex set of social, economical, constructional, technical, artistic and hygienic solutions aiming to create and improve comfortable and harmonious environment for individuals and society.

The Eurasian Prize Festival objectives are:

  • to attract public attention to achievements of progressive architecture and urban planning in Russia and around the world
  • to demonstrate the best contemporary architecture and design solutions in the organization of internal and external space of the living environment
  • to identify and promote the best innovative ideas in understanding, establishing and improving a comfortable and supportive environment
  • to demonstrate constructive and compositional opportunities of new decoration and building materials, new production and energy efficiency technologies, cutting-edge designs of industrial products
  • to attract attention of investors and producers to progressive ideas, which received high praise and development efficiency forecasts from the competent jury
  • to adapt  innovative ideas and technologies for the development of the economy and industry of Russia and the Urals.


Local and foreign architects, designers, technologists, developers, design offices, manufacturing plants, construction companies, developers, design studios and workshops, the students and teachers of architectural, design and construction universities and faculties are invited to take part.

Competition program:

In the season 2013/2014 the Eurasian Prize is awarded in the following categories and nominations:

  • Architecture and Urbanism
  • Design
  • Industrial Design

The competition program includes both open contest of concepts, ideas and projects and review competition of realized projects in the given categories and nominations. It is also possible within the frame of the Eurasian Prize for partners and sponors of the competition & festival to establish special contests and nominations with definite tasks.



History. Results achieved



Back in 2001 publishing house UNIVER PRESS, feeling the need of Yekaterinburg in the magazine about design and architecture, began to publish the LeTABURE magazine. Since the periodical was dedicated to architecture and design, the key part of it was supposed to create an opportunity of publishing the most interesting interiors, works of architects and projects of country houses. The novice magazine needed a source of such works, so the editorial board decided that a competition would serve well as the  source. Editor of LeTABURE declared an annual competition in which there would have been flocking samples of work of which they would have been able to select the best ones, award winning, and in the future these works would have been published in the magazine. In 2002 the competition was held for the first time. The name EURASIAN PRIZE appeared a year later.

After the first contest organizers felt interest among designers and architects, because it was the first competition of this kind in the Urals. Interior design companies have also expressed their interest. This market was in the process of development, the well-known interior brands including both federal and international ones were entering the city, and they needed a platform to present themselves. New finishes, accessories, furniture and technologies were showing up. These companies were looking for contact with the with the local community of professional designers and architects to make them acquainted with their products and opportunities. Thus the Eurasian Prize found its sponsors.

It was decided to expand the scope of the competition - to make it a festival. Festival is a chain of events that are combined by a general idea. “We have decided not only to announce a competition and sit back waiting for somebody to bring us some works and take stock of the competition, but to carry out a variety of events throughout the year: collect round table discussions with architects and designers, discuss some hot topics, invite leading interior design companies to these meetings so that they exchange their experiences. There were also informal meetings with the aim of entartaining and communicating. In fact, we carried out an event every month. There were exhibitions, lectures, master classes of architects and designers from Moscow and abroad. Thus, we made a real festival that for the next year has already become international”.", Galina Bukova, chief editor of publishing house UNIVER PRESS and Chairman of the Organizing Committee says.


The EURASIAN PRIZE in figures

  • Over 10 years the Eurasian Prize Festival was attended by about 4,500 professional architects and designers, among them more than 150 foreign experts from countries near and far abroad. The geography of participants has expanded from Europe to Asia and America.
  • The winners of the Eurasian Prize in the professional competitions except Yekaterinburg residents were architects and designers from Perm, Saratov, Novosibirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, and also from Ukraine, Israel, USA, Germany, Korea, France and Switzerland.
  • Over the years, the Eurasian Prize professional jury and the public examined and evaluated more than 2,500 contest entries in the field of architecture, urban planning, industrial and interior design.
  • In the professional jury of the EURASIAN AWARDS featured such stars of the world of architecture, as Massimiliano Fuksas (Italy), Frank Gotre, Charles Allen, Gael Penno, Francois Ratchet (France).
  • More than 300 competition works have received a title of winners in their categories and cash prizes. Total sum was more than $ 6 million.


The EURASIAN PRIZE AWARD has been a notable event in the field of architecture and design since 2002

The festival program of the EURASIAN PRIZE lasts more than six months and includes lectures and master classes of guest stars in the field of design and architecture, exhibitions, performances, debates and round tables. One of the most prominent projects is a design show "Week high interior fashion in Ekaterinburg."

In the framework of the EURASIAN PRIZE festival, the following projects were realized:

  • Week of high interior fashion in Yekaterinburg, held five times in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011. (Five-day design show)
  • Charity Auction of copyright design objects "Top Design", held three times in 2007, 2009 and 2011.
  • Shows of the best works of Russian architects in the field of innovation in the field of urban planning (in 2005, 2007.)
  • Presentation and workshop of the young and progressive type of design - "food design" attended by experts from the Milan Academy of Design (2008)
  • Сonferences, round tables, lectures, master classes of the world stars of design and architecture - the jury of Eurasian prize (annually)

The festival serves as the identification and promotion of the best innovative ideas and projects, sets the direction of the development of architecture, construction, design and technology exhibits, promotes the exciting, innovative architectural and design ideas, decorative and compositional possibilities of new construction and finishing materials, technology, furniture and contributes to the successful interaction experts in the field of design and architecture, suppliers and manufacturers of building and interior materials, private and corporate customers.

In 2013, after decades the Eurasian Prize, supported by the Administration of Ekaterinburg, has established a special award "for contribution to the architecture of Ekaterinburg".


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