What jury members, festival guests, winners and finalists say.

This is no coincidence that an event like this is held in Yekaterinburg. Thanks to the city’s situation on the borderline of Europe and Asia, it has always been open and friendly to cultural influences from both East and West.

- Vladimir Solovarov, Deputy foreign minister of Sverdlovsk Oblast

I’m delighted to celebrate the success of a German architect at the Eurasian Prize who has taken the first place in the Public Architecture category. Many advanced and promising projects have been demonstrated by the contestants. I especially marked the daring of the younger generation of architects and designers. I hope that the ties in architecture and design between Russia and Germany will be further strengthened and collaborations in this field will be fruitful.

- Markus Forster, Consul-General of Germany in Yekaterinburg

I was a strict judge, because I believe that only the best deserve such a high award. Sometimes it was hard for me to evaluate this or that project, but I had a chance to see several truly remarkable works. Being on the jury board of the Eurasian Prize was also a reason why I decided to visit Yekaterinburg, which was an opportunity to get another perspective of Russian culture.

- Federico Delrosso, Italian architect

The annual Eurasian Prize demonstrates the power and immortality of our precious art.

- Vladimir Veniaminov, First deputy minister of construction and infrastructure development, the Chief Architect of Sverdlovsk Oblast

I estimated all of the entries, some works were really noteworthy, and was glad to visit Yekaterinburg for the awards ceremony. The city impressed me a lot, and I’m happy to have had a chance to hand the award to the young architects who are now learning to fly. It was obvious that the organizing committee had put a lot of effort in arranging the competition and the awards gala. Everything was done perfectly, me and my spouse enjoyed our visit.

- Alberto Rubio, Spanish architect