The Mission

Goals and targets of the Eurasian Prize

For the last fifteen years, the Eurasian Prize Awards have provided a one-of-a-kind chance for architects and designers to evaluate their skill, expertise and calling. The statuettes and certificates, awarded to the best professionals and the most promising emerging talents, have helped them gain international acknowledgement and competitive advantage. In 2018, the Eurasian Prize initiative continues to fulfill its mission, providing new opportunities and perspectives.

Mission Statement

Since 2002, the Eurasian Prize Awards program has pursued the following objectives:

  •  Connecting professional communities of Europe and Asia, East and West.
  •  Promoting the latest advances in international architecture, urbanism and design.
  •  Showcasing the best contemporary architectural and design solutions for interior and exterior living spaces.
  •  Discovering and giving a boost to the best innovative concepts in re-interpreting, creating and further improving comfortable living space.
  •  Demonstrating new constructive, decorative and compositional opportunities provided by finishes and building materials in manufacturing and energy efficiency.
  •  Showcasing advanced designs in industrial production.
  •  Bringing the best cutting-edge ideas, which have received high evaluation and efficiency forecast from the judges, into view of manufacturers and investors.
  •  Adopting innovative technology and ideas for the growth of local and federal economy.
  •  Helping Yekaterinburg gain the status of one of the world’s centers of architecture, design and innovation.
  •  Exposing Yekaterinburg and the Ural region to the global professional community.
  •  Helping students of industry-specific schools get independent expert evaluation of their talent, skill and knowledge.
  •  Providing a platform which connects architects and designers creating the most innovative, bold projects with clients who are interested in bringing such to life.