Arch Eurasia

internetional forum of architecture, urabn development and design


Of the six parts of our world, two – Europe and Asia – share the same Eurasian continent. Unlike the others washed by the oceans, they have one land border that runs along the Ural ridge: on the eastern spurs of this ridge, in the heart of Eurasia, lies the city of Ekaterinburg.

Historically, the Western and Eastern civilizations of Eurasia were linked by the so-called “Silk Road”, which effected the exchange of material and cultural values ​​between Asia and Europe.

As a tribute to history, all major traffic streams – road, rail, or sea – between Europe and Asia are often referred to as “new Silk Roads”.
Ekaterinburg is the converging point of the Northern and Central Asian transport corridors and a part of the Southern Central Asian corridor, which further cross the European part of Russia all the way to Berlin. Countries such as Japan, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan from the Asian side, and Belarus, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands from the European side are involved in this transport stream. Along this path, the external attributes of one civilization are casually replaced by those of the other.

Architecture is the telltale sign of any civilization, with its inherent identity reflecting the mentality and culture of the local people. Today, global integration processes are gaining momentum in urban planning and architecture, spurred by the advance of science and technology worldwide. Global architecture nowadays speaks an international tongue, and the discussion of cross-cultural interaction between the “Silk Road” countries has never been more relevant. Through the synergy born from the efforts and interests of many countries, it emphasizes the values ​​of the multipolar economic and cultural structure of the world.

The International Forum ARCH EURASIA is meant to reveal the best achievements of town-planning science, the identity of modern architecture and design of the Silk Road countries. The forum promises to be insightful and useful for all countries of the Eurasian continent – yet particularly meaningful it will be for regions with vast undeveloped territories waiting to be reclaimed such as Urals, Siberia and Russian Far East in Russia, central Mongolia, northern China, regions in Kazakhstan adjacent to the transport corridors, and countries in Southeast Asia.
The forum seeks to find the answer: will the countries of the “Silk Road” opt for the European or Asian approach to architecture, or invent a third one, consolidating the two?

ARCH EURASIA Forum: Goals and objectives

  • Creation of a geographically convenient platform for Russian and foreign experts to share experience, explore new opportunities and cooperate efficiently in urban planning, architecture and design within the Eurasian space.
  • Emphasizing the special role of urban development and architecture in the sustainable development of territories, including the economic, cultural and environmental development, building a positive emotional tone of the population, and preserving the identity of the urban environment.
  • Identifying the best innovative ideas in the understanding, creation and improvement of the living environment.
  • Developing and outlining new patterns of the interaction between city planners, architects, designers and developers of the Euro-Asian countries.

Target audience

  • Architects, city planners, designers, urbanists;
  • Designers, decorators;
  • Developers, construction companies;
  • Representatives of authorities;
  • Contractors and manufacturers of building materials;
  • Scientists;
  • The forum theme is determined annually by the organizing panel.

The First International Forum of Architecture, Urbanism and Design
December 5-7, 2018

The forum theme: “Housing: urban development, architecture and design within the Eurasian space”
Problems of resettlement, construction of comfortable housing, interior and industrial design will be discussed.
Please note: two major industry events will take place at the same venue. The ARCH EURASIA Forum and the international forum of high-rise and unique construction “100+ Forum Russia” (December 6-7, 2018) will be held at the venue of the International Exhibition Centre “EkaterinburgEXPO”.


Sverdlovsk Regional Office of the Union of Architects of Russia
Public Organization of Assistance to Cultural Development of the Sverdlovsk Region
Ural Regional Office of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences
International Academy of Architecture. Moscow Branch (IAAM)