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The Eurasian Prize
In Architecture And Urbanism

Each historical period has its own demands on architecture. In its 14th edition, the Eurasian Prize places special emphasis on sustainable architecture as an ongoing trend, and on sustainability as a core principle of innovation in architecture and urbanism.

Overall evaluation will be based on the following criteria with their relevance depending on each subcategory:

  • Purpose focus
  • Sustainability
  • Practical utility
  • Construction, operation and maintenance efficiency
  • Social awareness
  • Operational safety
  • Aesthetical contribution
  • Innovative solutions and approach

Sustainability aspects and criteria

The international expert jury will assign extra points to the entries which are built around the three-pronged sustainability concept, including and combining social, environmental and economical aspects of architecture. For this reason, entrants are asked to specify how their projects relate with the following sustainability aspects:

  • use of materials, practices and technologies which meet the requirements of green building by carrying out the project
  • resource-efficiency throughout the building’s life-cycle which includes site selection, laying the groundwork, maintenance, operational effectiveness and demolition scenario
  • use of sustainable construction materials and finishes
  • reduced transport loads through use of building materials from local sources
  • onsite generation of renewable energy through solar power, hydrothermal power, wind power and other
  • use of highly energy-efficient and energy-saving materials

In the Urban Development subcategory, the key criterion is how the project achieves sustainability while building. This implies securing a favorable living environment around the construction area, reducing negative environmental impact, and protection and rational use of natural resources.



Urban Development

City development strategies and master plans, urban development, landscape architecture and public space development projects.


Public Architecture

Athletic, administrative, entertainment, culture, transport, retail, business, medical and all kinds of services facilities.


Industrial Architecture

Science and technology hubs and centers, production facilities, science parks, technological clusters, and environmental research and protection facilities.


Urban Housing

Multi-dwelling units and residential compounds.



Conservation and restoration of architectural heritage and renovation of old buildings and constructions.


Private Housing

Private houses, mansions, cottages, and adjacent territory (gardening and landscape design).

NEW: Innovation For Sustainability


The Eurasian Prize in the Innovation For Sustainability category is awarded for materials, technologies and solutions that secure sustainability for architectural projects. This includes two types of entries:


Innovative product (Innovative means of construction that are produced using renewable resources, primarily from local sources, and that help reduce negative environmental impact during building. This entry type is for manufacturing companies and trading companies)


Innovative solution (Innovative technologies and engineering solutions that improve new and existing objects, increasing their energy efficiency and limiting their impact on the environment. This entry type is for engineers, architectural engineers and engineering companies)


1st Phase

November 2017 - March 30, 2018: Entry Submission Period

2nd Phase

April 2018 - Jury Voting

3rd Phase

May 1, 2018 - May 15, 2018 - Public Voting;
May 22, 2018 - May 31, 2018 - Awards Gala;
June 2018 - Finalist and Winner Entries Presented Online.

For further details on the timeline please refer to Eligibility & Rules. More information about events under the Eurasian Prize is available on the Festival page.


The Eurasian Prize Awards Program is a globally targeted initiative which welcomes participants from all countries.

Architects, technologists, architectural engineers, building contractors, architectural bureaus, manufacturers, engineering companies and real estate companies are invited to enter the professional competition program.

As an architecture student, you are offered a unique opportunity to get an independent expert evaluation of your skill, knowledge and talent.

For more information please refer to Eligibility & Rules.

Entry Submission Guide

  1. Register your account on the Eurasian Prize website, filling in all of the required personal information fields.
  2. In your cabinet, submit your first entry, adding images and description.
  3. Provide fee payment.

* Entries must be projects designed or completed in the past four (4) years, between 2014 and 2018, and which have never been awarded with the Eurasian Prize at the Professional level

** The number of entries per entrant is unlimited

For more information please refer to Eligibility & Rules.

Entry Fees


Professional level entrants in the Architecture and Urbanism provide fee payment of $99 USD per entry.*


To make their cabinet visible for judges, Student level entrants provide a single payment of $9 USD.*

* The fee decreases by 10% with each additional entry.

**Student level entrants are required to subscribe to the Eurasian Prize pages on social
and share the announcement on their profile (privacy of the shared publication should be set to Public). This is proved through screenshots uploaded together with images of the first entry.

For more information please refer to Eligibility & Rules.