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Non-Governmental Organization for Promotion of Sverdlovsk Oblast's Cultural Development

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Ministry of Construction Industry and Infrastructure Development of Sverdlovsk Oblast

Ministry of Agroindustrial Complex and Supplies of Sverdlovsk Oblast

 Civic Chamber of Sverdlovsk Oblast



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If you want to become our partner, please contact the Organizing Committee by 

tel. +7 908 908 4731, e-mail:


For partners and sponsors

The Eurasian Prize Competition&Festival is organized and conducted by Non-Governmental Organization for Promotion of Sverdlovsk Oblast's Cultural Development, Univer Press Publishing House and Le TABOURET magazine with the support of Ministry of Agroindustrial Complex and Supplies of Sverdlovsk Oblast, Ministry of Construction Industry and Infrastructure Development of Sverdlovsk Oblast, Yekaterinburg City Administration, Sverdlovsk Oblast Governor and Civic Chamber of Sverdlovsk Oblast every year organize the festival «Eurasian Prize».

Main aim of the Eurasian Prize is to strengthen connections between professional communities of designers, architects, constructors and businessmen working with new technologies, manufacturers of building materials, constructions and furniture for creation of harmonious living space.

The Festival is annual and consists of many parts, stages and events taking place during the year

  • Architecture and Urbanism contest
  • Environmental Design contest
  • Industrial Design contest
  • Exhibitions, seminars, master classes, lectures
  • Conferences, round tables
  • Informal meetings, parties for architects and designers

Sponsors and partners are invited to establish different nominations and competitions during the festival in which it is possible to promote high technologies, new principles of environmental design, new design aesthetics and technologies, engineering capabilities of new materials and so on.

By establishing competitions due to local aims of the consolidation company the company discovers real ways to get the most challenging and innovational ideas and decisions in different spheres thanks to vast amount of participants of the festival program and their high qualifications.

The Eurasian Prize Organizing Committee provides partners with multiple PR opportunities in the Ural region, Russia and worldwide.

Prize fund for winners of the Eurasian Prize competition program depends on and is provided by partners and sponsors of the Festival.

The jury of the competition program consists of professional architects, city planners, designers and technologists from all over the world.

The Eurasian Prize is a non-commercial project having very important social sense and thus carrying critical commercial and PR potential. The Organize Committee offers key companies mutually profitable partnership during the season 2014-2015 of the Eurasian Prize. Media support and sponsorship of the festival are real investments into public image. 

Forms of partnership and sponsorship:

  • Title Sponsor
  • Official Partner
  • Competition Official Partner
  • Awarding Ceremony Title/Official Partner

The Eurasian Prize Organizing Committee is looking for strong professional relations with key companies from Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia and worldwide. We are ready to consider any counter offers of co-working under the Eurasian Prize. We are open to all creative proposals.

Please, feel free to contact us for more information.

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