Eligibility and Rules - Евразийская Премия
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Eligibility and Rules

The complete guide to entering the contest


Below are the key requirements which participants and their entries should meet in order to be considered for the competition.

Entrant Requirements

The Eurasian Prize Awards Program is a globally targeted initiative which welcomes participants from all countries.

Architects, designers, technologists, building contractors, architectural bureaus, design studios and boutiques, manufacturers, and real estate companies are invited to enter the professional competition program.

As a student of an industry-specific school or experienced design enthusiast, you are offered a unique opportunity to get an independent expert evaluation of your skill, knowledge and talent. In its 15th edition, the Eurasian Prize Student’s main topic is living environment.

Entry Requirements

Entries must be projects designed or completed in the past six (6) years, between 2014 and 2019, and which have never been awarded with the Eurasian Prize in the Professional competition.


  • EARLY Entry Deadline: July 30, 2019
  • FINAL Entry Deadline: December 25, 2019
  • Jury Voting: January 5 — February 25, 2020
  • Public Voting: February 5 — 25, 2020
  • Winners AnnouncementMarch, 2020
  • Gala — (TBA), 2020

Entry Instruction

Entering is easy.

  1. Register your entry(-ies)* on the Eurasian Prize website, adding images and description.
  2. Provide fee payment

Awards Program


The Eurasian Prize is awarded for achievements in the following categories and subcategories:

Urban Development Awards

  • Urban Planning System
  • Comfortable residential environment
  • Urban Environment
  • Green areas
  • Embankments
  • Street infrastructure

Architecture Awards

  • Industrial Architecture
  • Housing
  • Private house
  • Public Architecture
  • Sports architecture
  • Cultural facilities
  • New and Old
  • Cult architecture in city fabric

*Speсial: Innovation for Sustainability

Design Awards

  • Private Interior
  • Public Interior
  • Business Interior
  • Commercial Interior
  • Product Design

*Speсial: New in technology

Student Awards

  • Future City
  • Future House
  • Interior and Industrial Design
  • Urban Evironment Design

Entrant Levels

While registering your account, you will be required to select between two entrant levels:

  • Professional
    The statuette is only awarded for winner works submitted in the Professional account.
  • Student
    Entries submitted in the Student account have a chance to win the Eurasian Prize Award Certificate in the respective subcategories of the Student Competition.

NOTE: Professionals only compete against Professionals, while Students only compete against Students.

Project Types

The Eurasian Prize Awards honor both projects that have already been brought to life and well-presented ideas and concepts. Below are the most important notes on project types accepted to enter the competition:

  • Project type is specified while submitting your entry
  • Project types are neither featured on winner certificates, nor engraved on the Eurasian Prize statuette
  • Project types are equal for evaluation, and entries of one type have no advantage over another type entries
  • Built projects in the categories Architecture and Design, built projects in the Urban Environment Design subcategory of the Urban Development category, and concepts in the subcategories Urban Planning and Urban Infrastructure are also nominated for the Master Hand, a special award from the Union of Architects of Russia which counts as the 2019 Grand Prix.


Entry fees differ based on the competition category and fee payment date. Submitting multiple entries results in a 10% reduction in the submission fee per entry.


  • REGULAR Entry Deadline — July 30, 2019: ₽9,000 RUB (ca. $148 USD) per entry
  • FINAL Entry Deadline — payment after July 30, 2019: ₽12,000 RUB (ca. $197 USD) per entry


  • REGULAR Entry Deadline — July 30, 2019: ₽6,000 RUB (ca. $99 USD) per entry
  • FINAL Entry Deadline — payment after July 30, 2019: ₽9,000 RUB (ca. $148 USD) per entry

NOTE: If payment for the entry fee is provided by a legal person (business or organization), and/or you decide that the award certificate and promo materials should feature your brand or company (as opposed to author / team), the amount of the first fee payment increases by ₽10,000 RUB (ca. $164 USD).

To unlock their entries to judges, Student level entrants are required to:

  • provide a single payment of ₽900 RUB (ca. $15 USD)
  • subscribe to the Eurasian Prize pages on social
  • share the announcement (pinned post) on their profile (privacy of the shared publication should be set to Public)
  • send a link to your social profile with shared publication OR a screenshot to konkurs@eurasian-prize.ru

The Prize

The Eurasian Prize Statuette
The Eurasian Prize Statuette is only awarded to the entrants of Professional level who take the first place in any of the award subcategories.

Award Certificates
All winners and finalists of the Eurasian Prize, regardless of the entrant level, category and subcategory, are awarded the Eurasian Prize Finalist Certificate. The Certificates vary based on the place taken and specify the entrant level (Professional/Student):

  • The Eurasian Prize Gold is awarded to Professional level entrants, alongside with the Eurasian Prize Statuette, and to Student level entrants for the first place in any of the subcategories
  • The Eurasian Prize Silver is awarded to Professional and Student level entrants for the second place in any of the subcategories
  • The Eurasian Prize Bronze is awarded to Professional and Student level entrants for the 3rd place in any of the subcategories

The Hand of the Master Trophy
The Hand of the Master (rus. “Рука Мастера”) is a highly-authoritative awards initiative that has been undertaken yearly by the regional branch of the Union of Architects of Russia for the last eleven years. In 2019, the Master’s Hand joins the Eurasian Prize Awards program as its special award in professional competitions in Architecture, Urban Development and Design.


The Eurasian Prize winners and finalists get exposure in multiple ways, which includes featuring your work:

  • on social pages of the Eurasian Prize
  • on partner platforms online and offline
  • in the Special Edition of the Le Tabouret magazine, where the Grand Prix and the first place winner entries are given four pages publication per work and finalist works are given a column publication per work
  • as part of the final exhibition which will take place during the Ural Week of Architecture and Design
  • at further exhibitions and events which are held by the Eurasian Prize throughout the year