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Matteo Thun, Italian architect and designer, Member of the professional jury of the international competition Eurasia Prize 2018:

“My undisputed idols are still the Walser mountain farmers”.

“I’m not a designer, I’m an architect working on a large and small scale,” says Matteo Thun, author of many architectural and industrial design projects. In an interview with Le Tabouret, he shared his understanding of architecture.

When did you decide to become an architect/designer, and what was the determining factor in choosing the profession?

– I studied with Kokoschka and learned ‘how to see’. This led me to become an architect – in small and big scale.

 How would you describe your philosophy of the architecture of the future? What message do you broadcast to the world through your work?

– Since starting out with my company, I am an advocate of a longlasting architecture style that focuses on the Genius loci, on local traditional architecture, on local materials, on the needs of the residents. We try not to talk about sustainability we prefer to discuss consistency.

Which project was the most difficult in your career and why?

– …the next.

Whom of modern architects/designers would you call your soul mate?

– I admire the sensitivity of the works of Rem Koolhaas and the poetic style of Jean Nouvel – but to be honest, traditional architecture is most inspiring to me. My undisputed idols are still the Walser mountain farmers. Because of their poverty and the climatic conditions, they have naturally always sought the most economical and simplest solutions and constructed along the lines of energy saving with exemplary simplicity and efficiency.

 What message do you broadcast to the world through your projects?

– Our work focuses on aesthetic durability, technological longevity, and the future lifespan of buildings and products. We respect and find solutions to work with nature – not against it.

How do you think what is the value of such open contests?

–  It’s a platform for exchange of ideas, of solutions, of trends….

The headquarters of the Eurasian Prize is located in Yekaterinburg, an industrial metropolis located east of the Ural Mountains. The general impression of it can be received by watching this short video. How would you describe this city, which five epithets suit it most? What city would you compare it to?

– Vibrant, Contrast of New and Old, In-Between, Heritage, Russian architecture.

Matteo Thun + Partners is a multicultural architecture and design studio with Headquarters in Milan and subsidiaries in Shanghai. The company acts on an international level and develops projects from hospitality and residential, headquarters, retail and urban design as well as masterplanning since 1980.

A profound respect for the soul of the place and a sensitive approach to the brand’s individuality is key for the teams of 70 architects, interior, product and graphic designers who work from micro to macro, are interdisciplinary and highly qualified in the management of complex projects. Their work focuses on aesthetic durability, technological longevity, and the future lifespan of buildings and products.

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