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On 1st to 3rd October 2020 Yekaterinburg will host an international summit of architects, urbanists and designers, «ArchEurasia». The organizers of the forum answered questions from reporters at TASS-Urals press-conference.

«It is always productive to have an opportunity to discuss a broad range of issues in a multidisciplinary polylogue rather than in a narrow circle of professionals as is a common practice at sectoral fora and conferences. This is all the more so where speakers have a wealth of experience and can present specific cases. «ArchEurasia» has become a platform where we can look at the outlines of our future. This platform is unique for its openness», stated Andrey Bokov, Chair of the summit’s Organizing Committee and vice-president of the International Academy of Architecture.

«The summit is indeed an open platform where all stakeholders, architects, designers, urbanists, public officials, city communities and developers, can express their opinions on pressing issues. This kind of interdisciplinary discussion, staying off any ideology and being free from the pressure of sectoral lobbies, provides an opportunity to not only just «chat» but also work out specific protocols for various industries, including those most affected by the pandemic», continued Galina Bukova, Director of the  «Eurasian Prize» international competition.

The agenda of the summit includes 25 cross-disciplinary sessions on a diverse range of issues – from urban policies and co-design to technological innovations within the «smart city» concept.

«It is already clear that there are no problems that concern only architects or only health workers or authorities. The majority of contemporary points of tension are found at the interface between competencies and require trans-sectoral interactions. Academia, too, could make a substantial contribution to the solution of many a current problem», says Alexander Dolgov, rector of the Ural State University of Architecture and Art. «For instance, a large chunk of the summit will be devoted to overcoming the consequences of the pandemic. However, this is not the first emergency situation in the world — and by analyzing the experiences of rectifying the consequences of previous wars, disasters, epidemics, and by comparing these experiences with the current situation it should be possible to develop protocols which can become a basis for action. Besides, a number of sessions and round-tables at the summit will deal with the issue of architectural heritage conservation and revitalization and with hot to fit heritage objects into modern city contexts. These are exactly the issues that require the presence of not only architects, lawyers, developers, urbanists and public officials but also representatives of academic research who could summarize the world’s best practices».

In concluding the press-conference, Sergey Shashmurin, Chair of the Sverdlovsk Regional Union of Designers, pointed out that such an open communication platform is extremely important for exchange of opinions in professional communities: «The idea of holding a summit which integrates various fields of knowledge and practices is a significant trend today. It is great that we are trying to jointly realize such a new experience at the «ArchEurasia» summit’s open platform and make it a kind of ‘trademark’, a new method of co-operation and co-creation».

Photo: Andrey Bokov, Chair of the summit’s Organizing Committee and vice-president of the International Academy of Architecture