NEW ROSTOV EMBANKMENT - Евразийская Премия
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Type of entry: Concept


The presented design concept reflects the possibility of renovation of the existing industrial cluster in the river-city contact zone. The analysis revealed a number of negative characteristics: technogenic landscape, non-functioning industrial facilities, the lack of pedestrian transit, the lack of direct communication between the city and the waterfront, the lack of thermal, windproof measures. During the development of the design concept, a new General plan of the territory was formed. Conventionally, the entire site is divided into thematic zones-new points of attraction. Continuing the existing promenade the starting point is the Park. The next point is the center of the research Institute “Kalayder” opposite which the island is formed by cutting the coastline with the function of recreation SPA complex. Next, we are met by the exhibition center. The final section of the new embankment is a landscaped Park with water rides and mooring pontoons for river trams. The new embankment is a linear structure that consists of two tiers. This idea is based on the principle of maximum safety, and the hill passing from the road to the pedestrian tier isolates pedestrians as much as possible. On the water side, a network of windproof plantings has been developed. Shade sheds in conjunction with landscaping and paving combination reduce the average temperature in the hot period.The scenario of use of the territory is organized in such a way that all zones are interconnected and allow to carry out year-round activities of different size and scale. As a new transport artery, it is proposed to form a monorail line with associated stations in thematic zones. The final stage of the design concept is the development of the place brand. Each thematic area is identified through a symbol-logo, brand color. A navigation network has been developed for the entire embankment. Thus, the new Rostov embankment is a qualitatively new place representing a zone of new economic, tourist, cultural and scientific potential.




Andrey Doynitsyn, Aleksey Garbuzov, Sergey Lazarev, Stanislav Revyakin, Irina Bazelyuk, Roman Morozov, Maksim Yegorov, Il'ya Shakhanov




Russia, Rostov-on-Don