RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX - Евразийская Премия
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The Site allocated for the implementation of the project with an area of ​​3644.5 m2, is located on the street “Kuibyshev” between “Khokhryakova” street and “Weiner” street in a dense historical building in the center of Yekaterinburg. The residential building consists of two 24-story sections, buried in relation to the existing buildings. These sections are united by a 2-storey volume, “lying” along “Kuibyshev” street. Thanks to the deepening of the first floor and the console of the second floor, a convenient gallery for pedestrians has been created from the main facade. The facade of the 2-storey volume, intended for public buildings, was solved using elements of classicism in support of historical buildings located in the neighborhood. The elevation characteristics of the facade elements were also correlated with the “facade” of “Kuibyshev” street. In the first section on the first and second floors there are trading floors and office premises. In the second section, a cafe is designed that occupies the first two floors. Third floor of both sections is designed to accommodate offices. On the next floors, starting from the fourth, three apartments are located in each section. The main idea of ​​placing residential apartments is the exclusion of line-to-window line of sight, that was achieved by the variable layout of floor plans. The color range of materials of residential facades sections contrasts with the horizontal volume of the complex and works on its “soaring” over the historical volumes of development. Guest parking is provided in front of the building from the main facade. In the courtyard Entrance to the underground parking is designed for 50 m / places. Also in the residential building, in its northern part, a playground and a sports ground are designed.

Architects: Desyatov L.V., Neverov M.P., Avramchenko O.A., Shipitsina O.A. Dobrynina A.A. Engineers: Kuzmina E.S., Samoilenko N.E.

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