Youth residential complex — Евразийская Премия
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Youth residential complex

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The site is located in a low-rise suburban environment near the Shuvalovsky Park in the north of St. Petersburg, with an area of ​​4.99 hectares, with side sizes of about 380 by 180 meters. The customer intended to develop the site as a social housing for young families, implying the most affordable cost per square meter. The design assignment and the surrounding situation required architects to have a non-standard solution, an alternative to the closed perimeter development of the quarter and multi-storey residential blocks located south of the projected area. Free planning development is a good solution for such suburban areas, but the architects were faced with the task of preserving the identity characteristic of the development of historical St. Petersburg. The design solution is based on such principles as: alignment of facades, courtyards, courdoners, symmetrical main facades, axial street compositions ending with architectural dominants, front staircases in houses. In the process of working on the project, a point house was developed with the most convenient layout and specific characteristics. Thanks to the integration of loggias, houses are formed into groups that meet the basic principles of the development of St. Petersburg. Sliding houses form courtyard spaces, provide a variety of environments and the best view characteristics of apartments. This solution creates an additional feeling of airiness and lightness in the spatial organization of the complex. The improvement of the complex has both private courtyards and public improvement between the blocks, accessible to all residents. The residential complex consists of five multi-unit four-story sectional houses. Four houses are 4 sections and one 2 sections. Compositionally, the residential complex is formed in such a way as to form a comfortable courtyard space at each residential building and at the same time provide the necessary number of parking spaces, bicycle parking, children’s and sports grounds, leisure areas. Entrances to sections are provided from ground level. Disabled people have access to apartments using a passenger elevator. The height of the residential floors from the top of the floor slab to the top of the next floor slab is 3.0 m, which meets modern requirements for residential premises. The entrance group to each of the sections has a vestibule, a lobby with a lift and a stroller room. Each section has an elevator with a carrying capacity of 630 kg. with a through passage.




Aleksandr Rogulin, Aleksandr Melnichenko, Margarita Grishko


"Severnaya Stolitsa", LLC


Saint-Peterburg, Russia