Children's educational center for Aesthetic development - Евразийская Премия
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Children’s educational center for Aesthetic development

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On-site abandoned buildings “Paramonov” warehouses are encouraged to post a complex children’s and youth educational institutions, namely art, music school, dance school and theatre actor, Museum of fine arts, Museum of the history of Rostov-on-don, exhibition hall of children’s creativity, summer theatre, “fountain Square” on the site of the sources “Cascade waterfalls”, a specific ground for lessons outdoors. The ruins of the buildings are preserved and remain in their present form. Inside the existing buildings are arranged new frames with ceilings and trusses of roofs, glazed with stained glass. New educational buildings are most neutrally inscribed in the existing environment of buildings. The pitched and flat roofs of the schools resemble steppe mounds with traditional vegetation of cereals and other steppe plants. Facades of mirror stained glass Windows with decorative elements of sun protection, the image of which refers us to the ancient grain warehouses Paramonov. Much attention is paid to the open urban space, which is clearly integrated into the courtyards of the complex, continuing the scenario of the development of the entire Waterfront space.     Paramonov’s warehouses — the complex storage facilities XIX century in Rostov-na-Donu, located on the banks of the don. Warehouses played a major role in the formation of Rostov-on-don. Millions of tons of grain, coal, wool, and other goods passed through them, trade of which allowed the city to become one of the largest commercial and industrial centers of Russia by the beginning of the XX century. All buildings Paramonovskih warehouses at the moment are ruins, decorated with lakes and waterfalls of spring water, continuing to beat the keys from the coastal slopes of the don. Since the warehouses are monuments of Federal importance, demolish or build something on their territory is prohibited by law, which has not yet been violated. But the problem is, what to do with the warehouses?! It doesn’t even make sense to talk about their reconstruction when there are no funds even for support. But they also do not want to give them to anyone, fearing that they will either be demolished or they will buy a tasty piece of territory and will do nothing in the warehouses… Various meetings and commissions are held where these “ill-fated” warehouses are discussed. So they will stand here for several decades, until they collapse themselves, without anyone’s help. That’s how we lose our history, or rather, part of the history of Rostov-on-don… With our project we want to prove that we can save our history for future generations and give a new function to the crumbling monuments of architecture. And this is true for all cities of Russia!!!




Doinitsyn Andrey, Arutyunyan Tigran, Lazarev Sergey, Bondarenko Alexander, Repenko Vladislav, Bondareva Victoria, Trizna Ekaterina, Makaryan Robert




Rostov-on-Don, Russia