House-bridge of Gliding Light — Евразийская Премия
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House-bridge of Gliding Light

A country house for the permanent residence of the artist family with five children is located on the shore of a lake in a pine forest. The southern facade with terraces is oriented to the lake, the northern facade to the entry group. The facades are contrasted: north — vertical fins with «animating ornament» (once a day by the gliding light of the eastern sun); South — external horizontal sun blinds and awnings. «House of gliding light» can be called «House — Bridge», «bridge» between the older and younger generations, adults and children. The connecting element of the «bridge» is the living room, it «hangs» over the entrance groups: on the left (if you look at the northern facade) — the entrance for the parents, on the right — the entrance for the children. The building works «to the light.» Principles of organic architecture by Alvar Aalto: pine, as a building material and granite from a nearby quarry — the components of the house. «House — the bridge» is built into existing hills, which parting, escort us to the viewport of the lake. The living room is separated from the bedrooms by a light pocket that lets light into the playroom at the entrance level, and «cuts off» the noise from the living room, providing comfort and silence to the children. All existing pines were preserved in the construction site during the erection of the «House of Gliding Light» (dimensions in terms of 80х26 m), two of them are organically included in the interior of the house (in the pool and living room). The green color of the house (under the color of coniferous trees) dissolves the building in the surrounding natural landscape. In the interiors of the house the natural golden color of the pine is preserved, both in the «atriums» of the pines and on the facade (in the place of the «acoustic» rupture -in the light pocket- and in the kerfs of the ornaments), which emphasizes and «warms» the gliding light piercing them.


1 st place


Vitvitskiy Ingmar, Makhmudova Ludmila, Demidova Irina, Kostuk Alexander


Ingmar? Architects