KIBITKA 3205 - Евразийская Премия
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In terms of its architecture, the facility is both a stage and a complete living unit built on a PAZ 3205 bus. There is an entrance at the end, one of the long facades is decorated with stained glass, while the opposite one is solid, and all functional rooms are located along the inside of it: bathroom, locker room, kitchen, floor mattresses, etc. Within seconds, a system of draperies, curtains and special lighting transforms the living unit into a stage for the actors’ games and can be turned back into a home. The actors no longer have to go home, and their lives pass on stage. Theater on wheels or mobile theater goes back a long way. And for a long time, it was the most viable kind of performing art. Starting in the 16th century, groups of strolling players (especially companies of the Italian Commedia dell’Arte) traveled throughout Europe. The kibitka (covered wagon) itself was sometimes transformed from a means of transport into a theater space, becoming the backstage part of the attached stage, the platform where plays were put on. After the end of the performance, there was a reverse transformation, and the actors moved on. Today, the theater is aiming for totality. The boundaries between different forms of art and between art and life are dissolving The boundary between a stage production and daily life is disappearing. Life becomes theater, and theater becomes life. The Kibitka project is finally erasing the boundaries between space and time, being simultaneously a home, a means of transport and a stage. There is no actual shift from one state to another. The play has no beginning and no end – it runs for 24 hours. The actors’ lives are also a play. You might say: «We’ve already seen this on TV.» But first, theater is here and now, right before your eyes; and second, if pop culture aims to use the methods of art, we think we’re entitled to use the methods of pop culture. The three-day performance will present the life and work of the theater company. During the performance, the company rehearsed a song that only got its title on the first day of the festival.


1 st place


Yruy Muravitsky, Rustam Kerimov


A-GA Architectural