Light is life - Евразийская Премия
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Light is life

Designing design objects related to lighting I find it fascinating. Thanks to the light there is life, our natural light is the sun and nothing would exist without it. To think that man can create objects that enjoy a function, of lighting, creating atmosphere and emotions.
Mono is a combination of two diffe- rent parts, the upper part is in glass not worked and polished, to make almost the idea of craftsmanship is not perfectly precise.
The light has never been created. This is a great strategy of choice of this material precisely to dare this feature to each lamp.
A touch of femininity, remembers in this lamp.
Woman, who reveals her double side, elegant and strong.
After the study and development of the project, at the presentation of the lamp at the last design examina- tion, my former professor S.P. he proposes to present the project to a company, named Karman. Exalted by the proposed I accepted immediately.
The lamp works were coordinated by himself and the company contacted me to meet me.
Karman, an Italian company, founded in 2005 in Fossombrone in the heart of the Marche (Italy), continues to experiment with unconventional materials distributing its products all over the world.
Experiment, dare, innovate.
The Karman world naturally moves through an original and personal de- corative use of light both in private and contract environments. Each lamp has something to say, it is the mate- rialization of a memory, a feeling, a piece of life. The styles of the de- signers blend and happily coexist between tradition and modernity guided by research and the technical ability to create beauty.
this is a brief description of the world of this company.
Mono was presented at the 2015 Salone del Mobile in Milan, International design fair a year EuroLuce.
After three years it is still in production.


1 st place




Verona, Italy