Group office - Евразийская Премия
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The design of the office for the Group company in St. Petersburg was very dynamic, where, in a mode of constant dialogue with the customer, unique solutions were invented.

Our task was to continue the history of the existing office in the BC “Renaissance Pravda” and at the same time, the new office should have been different from other floors. In this project, we implemented all the most daring ideas that initially raised questions, and then it became a unique solution to this project. The office is interesting to look at from any point, it is full of non-standard details, forms and accents.The open space system, separate meeting rooms and individual work areas, isolated from each other, was adopted as the planning structure. For conversations on a mobile phone special phone booths are provided. The 1970 m2 office is designed for 202 workplaces, zoning of open space is happening due to the large number of meeting rooms, as well as due to additional soft zones and other places of communication. To improve the microclimate, we used greenery and living walls.

Special requirements were for the programming of illumination of workplaces in the DALI system. Each group of workplaces has its own control via wall monitors so that each employee can adjust the individual level of illumination.

We have created a relaxation area where you can close the acoustic curtain to relax and chat, without interfering with each other. An isolated relaxation room with massage chairs and soft sofas is also provided.


Ekaterina Kalinina


Saint-Petersburg, Russia