Recultivation of the Siberian granite quarry. School of creative development in Yekaterinburg - Евразийская Премия
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Recultivation of the Siberian granite quarry. School of creative development in Yekaterinburg

This project is a structural element of the integrated town planning system developed by the group of graduates, within the framework of the concept of recultivation of the Siberian granite quarry, with the purpose of transforming this valuable territory for the city and creating a single functionally expedient organism that forms a harmonious architectural and composition ensemble.
The School of Creative Development is part of the concept of recultivation of the Siberian granite quarry and integrated development of the Kirov district in Yekaterinburg.
Picturesque natural terrain and a large number of green spaces will be an advantageous background for design. And the future reclamation of the quarry will create prerequisites for the fact that the area will become a new place of attraction for city residents and tourists.
The development of the quarry is planned by placing interconnected public spaces and facilities that form a chain of places for recreation, recreation, education and cultural leisure. Due to pedestrian routes, composition of the landscape of park territories, a connection will be created between the objects of the complex and with the surrounding buildings. In addition, all objects will be connected thanks to the funicular line located in the quarry itself. The project proposes the transformation of the transport system by introducing new traffic routes: a street along the railway tracks is formed, and the extension of the Syromolotov Street is planned.
The site for design is located on the territory between the street 40years of Komsomol and the Siberian granite quarry. A rectangle was chosen as the form-building element of the general layout of the building. This form was dictated by the identification of contrast against the background of the natural structure of the quarry and simultaneous submission to the surrounding residential and public buildings.

The concept of this object from the standpoint of a sustainable architecture was formed taking into account the principles of energy conservation, orientation to local landscape conditions, ie a nearby granite quarry, as well as the introduction of a natural component into the structure of the building, which is expressed in the use of natural materials in the decoration of the building and the composite overflow of the surrounding landscape territory in the internal space of the object, at its lower level.

The School of Creative Development is a center with a rich and flexible program for people of all ages, suitable for cultural and educational projects in various formats, from contemporary visual arts and dance to concerts and film screenings. In addition, such areas as foreign language teaching, theatrical and musical art, rock climbing, skateboarding and computer animation will operate. Much attention will be paid to the exhibition activities.

The complex includes training classes, spacious auditoriums, choreographic studios and art studios, exhibition spaces, as well as a concert hall.

Each direction is located in a separate block inside the building. The blocks themselves are located on the principle of vertical and horizontal zoning and are interconnected by glazed aisles, galleries and halls. The unifying link of all levels was the screw exhibition gallery. A sheltered building laconic «box» unites all the volumes together and creates a consonance with the surrounding buildings. The association of the space-planning idea of the building in this case is a box full of toys. The monolithic volume of the building is facilitated by oval window openings of different sizes


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