residential complex PARK KAMENNY PALATKI - Евразийская Премия
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residential complex PARK KAMENNY PALATKI

Type of entry: Completed


Residential complex “Stone Tents Park” is a combination of thoughtful technical solutions and new products. The advantages of a comfort class home: -a variety of layouts (more than 50 different layouts. The area of apartments varies from 39 to 110 square meters, all rooms are of the correct form); -high ceilings (in fine finish – 2 m 85 cm); -class A soundproofing (a new type of interroom partitions made of masonry of two silicate blocks with an air gap); -warm windows of class “A” (six-chamber profile with a width of 70 mm with improved fittings performance); -convenient loggias (panoramic glazing with a new format of fencing – increases the usable area of the loggia and looks aesthetically pleasing, attached directly to the aluminum profile of the glazing structure); -modern engineering (horizontal heating distribution, telemetry system); -closed courtyard, (5 playgrounds and sports grounds for children of different ages, walking paths); -ground floors – commercial (for shops and service facilities, there is a place for a private kindergarten); -common areas of the comfort plus class (finishing with high-quality, expensive materials, spacious lobby, stroller, toilets); -direct access to the grocery store “in slippers”; -separate exit to the urban forest park “Stone Tents” on Lake Shartash; The architectural emphasis was the facade solution, where the emphasis was placed on asymmetry and modern materials. Approximately 30% of the surface is the usual wet facade, the rest is made of composite panels. In the decoration of the first and second floors, a new facing material – fiber cement boards. They imitate natural stone, thereby beating the name of the residential complex “Stone Tents Park”. The spacious and closed territory of the complex with developing children’s and sports grounds, with cozy benches and fun game complexes, walking paths and landscape gardening. Entrances to entrances at ground level, the absence of barriers at the entrances to common areas, courtyards make moving around the complex comfortable for people with limited mobility, cyclists and mothers with strollers




Grinvich Estate


Yekaterinburg, Russia