Trinity Residential Tower - Евразийская Премия
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Trinity Residential Tower

Trinity Residential Complex is located on the crossroads of a walking street and one of the traffic arteries of Yekaterinburg city center. High housing density, richness with public attractions and customers’ demand for this specific area of residence positioning have defined the following project objectives: 1. Integration of the building into the urban pedestrian walkway. This is provided by an arrangement of pedestrian walkwayright through the bulk of the building. 2. Arrangement ofpedestrian traffic along the lane. For this purpose, pedestrian paths for different walking speed were designed. Special bicycle path is arranged. 3. Forming surroundings-friendly areas. Proximity of neighboring buildings to the residential tower made it necessary to arrange the objects of public amenities, compensating disadvantage of mutual vicinity. For instance, arrangement of sports center of a neighboring school. 4. Multilevel positioning of recreational areas. Variable number of storeys of the building provides for the arrangement of a cascade of green terraces and the increasing of leisure possibilities of the dwellers in outdoor areas of the house.We have fully completed the project of reconstruction and renovation of the building for new functions. Modern construction and finishing materials, insulation, noise insulation, all new engineering networks and communications were used. The existing walls are brick, newly erected-gas blocks + Belgian aged brick hand-molded. At the heart of the design scheme-metal frame, light floors on corrugated Board.  On the facades of aged copper sulphate copper, titanium-zinc panel, aluminum glass Windows, decking.



Bespalova Lyudmila, Vaganov Nikita, Krasnova Olga, Trubetskov Evgenii, Ferapontova Yekaterina




Yekaterinburg, Russia