UAZ Сenter for Science and Technologies - Евразийская Премия
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UAZ Сenter for Science and Technologies

An emergence of the UAZ Сenter for Innovations and Technologies project is linked to a new stage of the plant development and, in particular, an increase of its research and development potential.
The new UAZ building is located on the square in front of the main administrative building. The four-storey construction has a catchy spatial form, which might be visually perceived from three sides, and acts as a convergence point for the prospects of nearby streets. The functional content of the building comprises an engineering unit, a museum of factory’s history, a conference hall with 400 seats and a restaurant.The volume-spatial structure of the Center is based on a central cylindrical shape, permeated with lateral linear volumes. The design also includes modernization of the existing administrative building, which is transformed into a high and rhythmic background for the center itself.
The buildings are linked to each other with an elevated passage, thus they create a newly formatted complex with a landscaped surrounded area, which is also a recreational zone for the city.The main highlight of the whole complex is the evening appearance underlined with illumination: the visor above the main entrance turns into a spectacular media screen with video clips projection; the vertical surfaces receive rhythmic accent lighting that flows down to horizontal plane and mergers architectural objects and square landscaping into a single stage.An architectural expressiveness of the building complex is intended to create a new city dominant and to transform the production process of the famous car brand.


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