Villa PRIZMATIQ - Евразийская Премия
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“PRIZMATIQ” private residence is designed for a family of 5 people, permanently living at this facility. The construction site is located in Siberian federal district, Novosibirsk region.

The agreed on form factor, a triangular shape of the villa, is specified by the investor’s wish to create a cozy, comfortable interior concealed from prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by.

Taking into consideration adjacent spontaneous low-rise building development, the decision to have only partial view from the shorter side of a building creates privacy. At the same time, patio, front porch, and frontispiece overlook the birch forest – the only view point of the residence.

The special view of the residence is completed by artificial terrain design with breastwall contributing to the effect – we see garden, landscaping  and no fencing.

The exterior of the residence is made with three materials due to their durability. The construction work is done in sharply continental climate, with annual temperature fluctuation up to 90 dergees Celsius (-50C/+40C).

The first floor and basement are made of cast-in-place reinforced concrete with integrated heat insulation material.

The second floor is a combination of construction systems (reinforced concrete, structured metal frame incased with fibrous concrete, parametric forms, HPL panels with hardwood veneer.

Curtain wall is presented by structural glass cover with double-glazing.

This design project provides innovative and energy efficient engineering solutions. The building configuration and layout in space, namely primary air flows, ensure no snow heaps at the entrance and on the roof.

The interior consists of environment-friendly materials.

The estimated completion date is 2020.




Chapligin Yuri, Gorbunov Petr, Bogachev Anatoly, Victor Plemyash-Kanishev, Victor Lyakh, Dmitriy Antonov, Konstantin Lakhno, Dmitriy Kolestnikov


AMBILUX architects

Russia, Novosibirsk