Xizhou Li's Residence - Евразийская Премия
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Xizhou Li’s Residence

Type of entry: Completed


The site is located near the main intersection of Xizhou Town; right in front of a triangle-shaped park attached to a small parking lot. There are village roads on the north and south side of the house, neighbor’s building on the east side, and open space on the west. The open space on the west side interestingly formed a semi-public courtyard with a well in the center, where villag-ers often drop by to do their daily washing. The building is not only designed for residential use, but also includes the function of a Laundry Shop that my family has run for years. The Laundry Shop is on the north side of the ground flooring, facing the triangle-shaped park. You can get a clear view of the façade and its structure from the park in front. The west and south side of the house are both receded from the boundary. The receded gray space is filled with garden and a balcony, to create a gentle interac-tion with the neighbors. Kitchen and foyer are located on the ground floor to form a casual gathering place for both the family and visitors from the neighborhood. Living room, tea room, and balcony/garden are interconnected as a large open space on the 2nd floor. Settle changes are applied on both the ceil-ing height and floor level to imply the change of function and compose a sense of ambiguity. Space becomes more private towards the top floor, where guestroom and bedrooms are located. The use of material also embodies a sense of ambiguity; white paint, brick walls, various marble stones, Corian, matte and polished tiles, mosaic tiles, bluestone slabs, metal plates, and aluminum; all in different textures. Wood material selection are, Walnut, Cherry, Lapacho, Fir, Pine, etc; different finish colors but similar texture. There are few metal objects placed through-out the house to enhance a paradoxical state; such as: railings, lightings and handles. For this particular project, all contractors are sourced locally to ensure that they can apply familiar skills, on the other hand they can also practice various construction skills at the same lo-cation to enhance diversity and inclusiveness.




Le Li


Studio MOR


Ningbo, China