Zvonnitsa Arch — Евразийская Премия
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Zvonnitsa Arch

Zvonnitsa Arch located at 6 Cosmonauts Embankment was designed together with the Moscow – Saratov Non-Profit Organization and the Gorod v Razvitii (Developing City) Fund as part of the Historical Portals project. The project has been sponsored by Fyodor Smolov, a famous Russian football player who comes from Saratov. Stanislav Gridasov and Igor Sorokin, who were in charge of the project, suggested turning arches in the houses located in the Embankment to a sort of Open-air Museums that could tell both the city dwellers and tourists about the city history, sights, and the people who once lived there. The goal of the project is to heighten people’s interest in the local history, and the study of the home grounds.
Noble proportions, arch view of the former convent chapel (now Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church), and the church-like inner space itself make the one involuntarily cast an eye on the intrados. Even the uncared-for look and the wires going through it could not mar the impression of the arch space. Going inside one can feel the way the acoustics changes. One can hear the echo, which is characteristic of sacral places. The architect who designed this arch in the apartment house was sure to have paid tribute to this place. Other apartment houses in the Embankment cannot boast of having arches with similar proportions, though the architecture is from the same period and of the same style.
The idea to use bells came from the installation orientation, i.e. dedication to the convent lost. It is not the direct association but a many-layer hidden text made of metaphors of the forms, senses and states. When going through the sound of the bells, one becomes affected by sound waves and reaches a state, that lets one feel transition to the history of the place. One finds oneself in the History Portal. The white colour of the arch and gold elements on the top bring thoughts about the church that was once located here.
Description of the installation
50 gold Valday bells have been hung inside the arch (to the intrados) on the long vertical gold bars, thus creating a sort of the openwork sculpture hovering above people passing or driving through the arch. When one looks through the arch the gold colour of the bells rhymes with the gold onion dome and the cross of the church.


1 st place


SNOU architects, Nikolay Novichkov, Stanislav Gridasov, Alexey Kashanin