Art academy «The flower of montparnasse» — Евразийская Премия
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Art academy «The flower of montparnasse»

«Let all the flowers bloom and develop all the arts.» The Academy building is located on the territory of the existing square. In the conditions of a large city with a developed transport system, in the absence of a large number of green plantations, and relying on the theory of sustainable development, we first wanted the city not to lose its habitual place for rest and walking, and we also want to preserve the historical aura of the place . The building is a hill with green plantations, gradually growing out of the ground, which makes it possible to walk not only in the park surrounding the building, but also on the surface of the building itself. This form of the building and the presence on its surface of a green inversion roof makes it possible to reduce energy consumption and improve the ecology of the site. From the surface of the hill rise triangular areas, reminiscent of the petals of a blossoming flower. From the sides, the «petals» are framed by vertical stained-glass windows, which ensure the penetration into the building of a large amount of light necessary for the learning process. The surface of the large «petals» is made in the form of a stair-like forum, on which are seats, on medium and small petals there are flower beds. In the center of the hill is a pond on the banks of which you can imagine yourself somewhere in the forest, and not in the center of the city. The bottom of the pond is transparent, which makes it possible to penetrate the sunlight into the central part of the building where the central hall is located. Around the pond under the platform, on which an open cafe is located at the usual time, there are scenes that can be erected above the pond. The scene and seats for spectators on large «petals» make it possible to hold concerts, festivals and other open events. All premises inside the building are grouped around the central hall. To connect an open cafe and a cafe kitchen inside the building, an elevator with stairs, enclosed in a glass cylindrical volume, is projected, and artists performing on stage can also move through them. The appearance of an educational building with the possibility of cultural events will not only support the traditional importance of Montparnasse, as a cultural center, but will also improve the social situation in the area. We think that the new building will be interesting not only for those involved in it, but for all the inhabitants of Montparnasse.


1 st place


Leonid Emdin, Aleksandra Dodonova