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The sports and entertainment complex and the yacht club

The sports and entertainment complex and the yacht club of the Presidential Sports Club Judo «Yavara-Neva» is located in St. Petersburg, Petrogradsky district, Bichiy Island. The island is bounded by the delta of Srednaya Nevka, the zone of the protected landscape and nature management of Elagin and Island Bezimyanny. General plan, objects style – climatic and energy-efficient architecture. The flower of the winds determined the configuration of the complex. The aerodynamic silhouette of the complex in terms of and the presence of wind shields on the north and north-west sides with a seal on the glass protect the visitors of the complex from the dominant winds of Finskiy Zaliv. The entrance group and the foyer of the universal sports and concert hall are directed to the stadium Zenit Arena, the venue for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Projecting visor with sunscreen seal on it’s glass, forms the interior of the square, articulates the center of the whole composition. The covered «Japanese» gardens with evergreen pine trees (planned planting of pines in the spring of 2017) organically blend the building into the surrounding landscape. Florists, windscreens on the terraces, vertical sunscreens on the sports center, golden friezes of the entrance groups, light-transmissive, back-painted and toned glass facades, color scale, eco-minimalism, reveals the semantics of the object as a sports judo club. The structure of the facility includes: the sports center with a training area, the multifunctional hall with stands for 2000 seats, the administrative part of the sports club, the yacht club «Yavara-Neva», the hotel complex of 10 cottages. The sports center with a training area for athletes consists of: training halls for wrestling, rhythmic gymnastics, a swimming pool 25m, a medical center, a hotel for accommodation of athletes for the period of gathering and preparation for world-class competitions. The «Heart» of the facility is a multifunctional concert and sports hall for 2000 seats. Sun protection is one of the energy-efficient methods of reducing energy costs for air conditioning: printing on glass elements of the facade and skylights, facade slats, awnings, light-scattering visors, tinted glass facades.


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Vitvitskiy Ingmar, Yakovenko Maria, Sergeev Igor, Demidova Irina, Kostuk Alexander, Safiullina Albina, Sokolov Georgy, Alexandrova Tatiana