Hotel in the square of the Soviet Army - Евразийская Премия
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Hotel in the square of the Soviet Army

The hotel is located at 128 Lunacharsky Street, within the visual boundary of the Soviet Army square – one of Yekaterinburg’s important public spaces.
The project suggests a complex reconstruction of the building that houses a culinary college, a restaurant, a bank and a cafe into a multifunctional cluster with an integrated hotel. 6 floors will be built over the single-storey attached café structure; the part facing Lunacharsky Street will «rise» above the Bank in a similar manner. The structure volume will be developed towards the neighboring residential building: as well as increasing the functional area of ​​the building, this will help disrupt the visual relation with the inner yard of the technical school from the Soviet Army Square. An arch will allow the passage of transport and people to the yard of the house at 32 Pervomaiskaya Str. Architectural solutions provide for the reconstruction of the Bank facades and major repairs of the facades of Culinary technical school – the both buildings facing Lunacharsky Street.
As a result of the reconstruction, the authors succeeded in eliminating the composition «failure» at the intersection of Lunacharskogo and Pervomaiskaya streets. By levelling the height of the designed structure with the general facade of Pervomaiskaya Street, formed by building from 5 to 9 floors, will help align the visual boundary of the square, which gives the area of ​​the Soviet Army a sense of completion.
The reconstruction of the administrative building into a multifunctional cluster aimed chiefly to finalize the composition of the Soviet Army square ensemble.


3 d place


Andrey Chukov, Andrey Fasonov, Ivan Kovalev