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Tokyo Library

The concept of a public library is designed for central part of Tokyo. According to the assignment the library should become an important landmark of the city and serve as a place for the exchange of knowledge, research in the field of science, conferences and seminars.
Town-planning solution. The site for construction is located on the edge of the Kabukicho area opposite the railway running from Shinjuku station. In view of the fact of dense development the useful area of the construction is 1064 m2. Thanks to a three-dimensional spatial solution the main pedestrian routes to the underground and malls, which are in close proximity to the boundaries of the site are preserved in the project.
Volumetric planning solution. The form of the building consists of three volumes. On one of them is the city garden of stones. For a convenient activity the accesses to the library are separated for the visitors and the staff.
The building has 10 levels. The reading rooms are located at the top and have natural overhead lighting, whereas the book depository and technical services are below. Architectural solution of the facade.
The facades of the building are made of concrete with its natural texture. To illuminate the reading halls, spherical light lanterns are used. Main factors Land area 1064 m2 Building area 500 m2 The total area of 5000 m2


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