STENA - Евразийская Премия
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Type of entry: Concept

One of the most important aspects affecting the formation of ecological thinking and healthy lifestyle is Physical Activity. A harmonious, healthy person does not need too much, he is stronger and more self-sufficient, which means that he is more effective and useful for the World. The STENA design project helps integrate physical activity into the normal lifestyle of a modern person. The idea of the project is to turn a heavy power rack into an elegant product that can be placed in a modern interior: in the office, flat or private house, making physical activity an integral part of a person’s lifestyle. Our design combined the functionality of equipment for strength training and fitness to meet the needs of each user of any age and level of physical readiness. STENA is a stylish premium product with an original design, thoughtful ergonomics and wide functionality. It is perfect for performing exercises on CrossFit techniques and functional training, furthermore, its equipment may vary depending on the user’s needs. For example, instead of discs and neck, you can place gymnastic rings, bars, mats, rope or fabric, making the product convenient for physical therapy, fitness and yoga. The STENA design project is able to change a person’s life by awakening the desire to take a new height, gain new experience, tune in a positive way and help to open our energy potential!



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Dydykin Igor


Dydykin DESIGN


Tolyatti, RUSSIA