«Borders that unite»: contest of urban items concepts – Евразийская Премия
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On the eve of the Summit of Architects, Urbanists and Designers «ArchEurasia» (October 1-3, 2020, Yekaterinburg), the Organizing Committee of the Eurasian Prize International Competition for Architecture and Design announces a creative competition for the concept of architectural objects – outdoor furniture, hardcape (fountains, benches, street urns, gazebos, etc.). The theme of the competition is «Borders that unite».

The definition of “border” is not as straightforward as it seems at first glance: it is not only “border and edge”, but also “end and beginning”, “cut line” and “joint”. And the modern world has completely removed the rigid “border, line”, making multifunctionality the norm. But at the same time, modernity is not yet ready to completely abandon “borders” – after all, it is the borders that protect against amorphousness and chaos.

Creating object of an architectural landskape, in which the boundaries do not become the limit, but reveal new facets of familiar objects, is not an easy task. And given the new post-pandemic reality, this is also extremely relevant. How to create a bench (chair, table, gazebo, sandbox – any object) that separates and unites at the same time? How can you add unexpected functionality to a familiar object while maintaining a familiar border? The participants of the Competition must answer these questions.

The collection of projects will last until September 10. Thirty winners will be announced on September 15th. Their projects will be exhibited at the exhibition within the framework of the International Summit “ArchEurasia”, and the ten best ideas will be embodied and become objects of urban installations at the central venues of Yekaterinburg in June 2021.

All projects submitted for the Competition will be presented on social networks of the International Competition for Architecture and Design “Eurasian Prize” and at information partners. The project with the most likes will automatically be among the thirty winners.


The architectural landscape object should be developed on the basis of existing technologies and materials, taking into account the operating conditions. To differentiate the product and find optimal solutions, it is proposed to use the following scenarios:

– an architectural landscape object for public spaces, taking into account new realities;

– multifunctional architectural landscape object with flexible conditions of use or modular sections with additional functionality;

– urban element as an art object.

The construction must be solid and based on real materials and technology.

The architectural landscape object must comply with the general safety requirements and external conditions.

The architectural landscape object should be simple and economical to manufacture.

Main evaluation criteria:

– aesthetics;

– innovativeness;

– functionality;

– solution to the problem;

– feasibility.

Send your competition projects to the arch@eurasian-prize.ru