The boulevard along the Schastlivaya street of the «Sunny» residential area - Евразийская Премия
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The boulevard along the Schastlivaya street of the «Sunny» residential area

Type of entry: Completed


The “Sunny” residential district, located in the south of Yekaterinburg, is one of the largest projects for the integrated development of the territory in the Ural region. The general developer of the project is Forum-Group. 170 m long boulevard stretched along the street. Happy and is part of a single “green” route of the district connecting the central park and the pedestrian alley in the sports and educational cluster. The scheme of the pedestrian routes of the district involves transit traffic along the Boulevard, as well as the intersection of the Boulevard for communication between the blocks. The curved flowing shape of the main pedestrian walkway allows you to open the territory gradually, as you progress through the route, revealing to the person’s view a variety of perspectives on buildings and landscape compositions. Recreation areas adjoin the main pedestrian transit, which by their nature are designed both for secluded pastime in the shade of trees, and for communication with friends. The central square of the Boulevard opposite the Ice Arena “Auto” serves as a space for small events, as well as a place of rest and expectation for young athletes and their parents. To strengthen the connection between the Boulevard and nature, only natural materials are used, for example, stone chips, terrace boards, and wood bark are used in the coatings. Small architectural forms (benches, urns) are made of larch. Electric cabinets are hidden in decorative shells made of mirror composite and wooden elements. Landscaping decisions are based on the concept of maintaining an all-weather green framework. A combination of the classic ordinary planting of lindens along the street and living groups from various tree species inside the Boulevard: maple, pear, apple tree, mountain ash, pine and spruce. The lower tier of landscaping is formed by mixed flower beds of shrubs and perennials, selected according to the principle of continuous flowering. On free spaces laid a lawn roll. For high-quality and long-term maintenance of the territory, an irrigation system is provided, multilevel lighting control of the territory in automatic mode, ensuring the safety of visitors and the safety of the territory due to round-the-clock video surveillance. As a result of the implementation of the Boulevard in the residential area “Sunny”, a new point of attraction has appeared, a favorite place for walking and recreation for residents and guests of the district.




CJSC "Forum-group", Architectural workshop


Russia, Yekaterinburg