Complex improvement of the city Park of culture and recreation Yuri Gagarin in Novokuznetsk - Евразийская Премия
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Complex improvement of the city Park of culture and recreation Yuri Gagarin in Novokuznetsk

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CURRENT SITUATION: The park Yuri Gagarin is a park of urban significance, located in the central district of the city of Novokuznetsk. Around the park area there is a historical development consisting of 632 multi-apartment houses with a population of about 120,000 people. The site has previously performed landscaping, paths of asphalt and paths of concrete paving tiles in poor condition, sports and playgrounds with old equipment. Approximately 25% of the landscaping is in disrepair and requires dismantling and subsequent restoration of the green frame of the Park. Installed park lights do not provide sufficient illumination and need to be replaced. Small architectural forms do not have a single architectural style, are placed randomly, and are in poor condition. The terrain of the territory is calm, without sharp changes in altitude, there are natural hills no more than 1.5 m from the general ground level. The one-time estimated attendance of the park on weekends and holidays is 4,500 people. The park area is intended for everyday recreation of residents of Novokuznetsk, as well as events of city and district significance. The territory of the park assumes year-round use, is designed for visitors of different ages and family status.

Pre-PROJECT RESEARCH: before the start of the design, sociological research was conducted to determine the needs and requirements of the city’s residents regarding the functional content and stylistic design of the park. The following events were held: a survey of residents of the city in electronic form with filling out the corresponding questionnaire on the site of city referendums; a survey of citizens walking in the park; an architectural seminar with city activists was held; an architectural town planning council was held. Based on the results of the study, a design task was created that included the following requirements: (1) Theme park (space), alien landscape, and hills. (2) A stage with an amphitheater for concerts, flash mobs, holidays, lectures, and a summer cinema. (3) A body of water or bodies of water. (4) Toilets, changing booths for children, street washbasins. (5) Picnic areas with sun beds, including those for company recreation. (6) Observation deck. (7) Street food. (8) Walking paths, including quiet ones. (9) Playgrounds, game plane, joint games for children and adults. (10) Amusement park “Luna park” (11) Sports zone-rollerdrome, workout, exercise equipment, fitness. (12) Bike path, treadmill, nordic walking. (13) Dog walking. (14) Navigation. (15) Parking.

FUNCTIONAL ZONING: The landscaping area is divided into 5 functional zones: central walking (quiet); sports (moderately noisy); children’s play (moderately noisy); attractions (hyper noisy); historical (quiet). *** In the central pedestrian zone there is: an underground children’s restaurant with a total area of 1450 square meters, with panoramic windows, the restaurant will be sprinkled with soil from above to create a “lookout” hill with a height of 10.0 m.; an underground interactive gallery with a total area of 800 sq. m. with a central hall that connects to the restaurant; on the left and right side of the restaurant there are entrances to public toilets for park visitors, in the halls of which there are children’s changing booths; from the top of the hill above the restaurant 6 waterfalls flow down on stone ledges, the number of waterfalls corresponds to the number of city districts; a covered street stage of 300-400 square meters; an amphitheater for 2000 seats built into an artificial hill. *** The sports area includes: a concrete skatepark with an area of 1700 sq. m.; an asphalt pumptrack with an area of 1000 sq. m.; a multi-purpose sports ground for ball games; workout area of 850 sq. m.; outdoor training area of 400 sq. m.; event area of 600 sq. m. * * * The play area includes: a rope park with an area of 2500 sq. m. ; a children’s concrete skatepark with an area of 300 sq. m.; a children’s asphalt pumptrack with an area of 400 sq. m.; a children’s playground with a total area of 2500 sq. m. with a height difference of 3.0 m. and game equipment installed on the slope; a dynamic pedestrian fountain with 20 jets with a total area of 200 sq. m.; a large game complex in the form of an airplane. *** In the amusement zone there is a “Luna park” with the theme of space with a total area of 18,000 square meters. * * * In the historical part of the Park, the functions are not changed. *** Throughout the park, there are summer street wash basins connected to the summer centralized water supply and sewerage system.

SMALL ARCHITECTURAL FORMS: The park provides for the installation of park sofas in the same architectural style with hidden lighting located at the bottom; urns with protection from precipitation; gazebos with a structural frame “geodesic dome”; bicycle parks in each functional zone of the park; navigation systems (signs and information boards); street clocks; modern sports and children’s equipment; solid waste containers in special closed pavilions.

LIGHTING OF THE TERRITORY: Lighting devices in the park are made in a similar style, but different types of lamps are installed in different functional areas. There is a lower decorative lighting of paths using lamps with a height of 1.0 m. the lower illumination is applied on the entrance alleys of the park and in the central walking area. In the same places, color lighting of trees and dynamic projection using gobo projectors are installed.

LANDSCAPING: Taking into account the large-scale sanitary dismantling of existing emergency trees in the park, the height of trees planted is combined in the following proportions: 30% height of 7-8 m, 30% height of 4-5 m, 40 % height of 2-3 m. The plants included in the project are moisture-loving or resistant to wet soils, since the soils in the Park have a high moisture content. When combining planting material, the appearance of plants in the spring and autumn period is taken into account to create an attractive perception of the green frame of the park. In the landscaping array, color or height accents are provided. Decorative combinations of different types of trees and shrubs are planted on significant viewpoints. In landscaping lawns on an area of about 20% of the total area, decorative Islands of sheltering perennial flowers and grasses are planted.

ORGANIZATION OF THE TERRAIN: when forming the landscape, artificial height differences are created from 2.0 to 10.0 m. when forming lawns, geoplastics is actively used. On lawns with an area of up to 300 sq. m. the height of the hills is not more than 2.0 m. on lawns of more than 300 sq. m. the height can reach up to 4.0 m. The elevation of the hills is determined based on the need for visual separation of functional zones, or creating a picturesque landscape of the territory. Large-sized natural stone with dimensions of 1,0×1,0x1,0 and more is used for decorating hills. Stones are placed in large groups, one at a time, or in a small group. The projected terrain will ensure that surface water is diverted to the projected storm sewer network through rain wells.

TRANSPORT AND PEDESTRIAN INFRASTRUCTURE: there is a two-way bike path along the perimeter of the Park combined with a 1.5 km long treadmill. The Treadmill is made with a rubber coating. The bike path and treadmill have circular continuous traffic and pass through sports and children’s playgrounds. The pedestrian network of the park provides a circular movement of visitors, while using different widths of paths and different types of paving, an intuitive division into main and secondary directions is created. The trail network provides several ring routes around different functional areas of the park. At the intersection of the ring routes, there are platforms for holding mass events with the placement of temporary shopping facilities. Open-type parking is provided for park visitors along the main highways. Also on the territory of the park there are three multi-storey automatic parking towers for 90 cars each.




Vladimir Yarilov (architect), Alexey Vaun (visualization)


LLC "Architectural company"


Novokuznetsk, Russia