Square - Евразийская Премия
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Type of entry: Concept


The design area is located at: Russia, Sverdlovsk region, Nizhneserginsky district, Bisert urban-type settlement. The main goal is to increase the social capital of the city by forming a center of attraction for the urban community. The planning structure is formed considering the main of the determining factors: the natural environment, the terrain, climatic conditions, and boundaries of land surveying. The planning project for the landscape and recreation complex in Bisert involves the implementation of comprehensive landscaping, the laying of new walking routes, creation of sites with lighting, installation of pavilions, including small architectural forms. For the designed recreation area, it is conditionally possible to distinguish “Summer” and “Winter” operating modes. The project proposal is based on the idea of creating a space to demonstrate the specificity and significance of the work of the lumberjack. For this, functional zoning was carried out with the allocation of zones: for the organization of holidays and competitions related to the professional skills of workers of the «Lespromkhoz» region ; for exhibition spaces to demonstrate the results of this activity; for conducting master-classes for children and adults related to the traditional crafts of wood carving and painting; for recreational spaces and safe walking paths. In the compositional solution of the space of the park “City of Masters”, a center is formed in the form of a trapezoidal central square and a stage located on it, to which the main diagonal alley and several secondary paths running along the longitudinal side of the park lead. The shape of the alleys and their mutual arrangement is based on the image of a tree – a mighty pine tree with thick branches and a dense green crown. Lateral secondary alleys are made in a wavy form, referring to the image of the Bisert River. The structure of the park includes three large zones – “green islands”, raised relative to the ground level to a height of 80 cm with the organization of retaining walls. The “islands” are filled with coniferous varieties of trees, which ensures the availability of healthy forest air in the center of the “Lespromkhoz” region. The presence of “green islands” and numerous hiking paths allows you to develop several different scenarios for walking in this area, various tracks for winter skiing and Nordic walking. Two closed pavilions and five semi-closed pavilions are located on the territory of the park, and a rather long canopy was made in the zone of the entrance group of the central alley, which provide the possibility of all-weather operation of the park. The shops, exhibition centers, souvenir shops, cafeterias and tea houses, spaces for master classes, for centers of public services or rental of sports and entertainment equipment can be located there. They can also serve as arbors or verandas, or spaces for celebrations. The project of the park is located on an abandoned territory which contains traces of anthropogenic impact. The proposal is formed in such a way that does not violate the existing landscape, also it is inscribed in the existing urban planning structure. Once this site was a point of attraction for mass sporting events, but lost this function. The project provides the return of the “center of attraction” status to this territory.




Vityuk Yekaterina, Popugayev Aleksandr, Lozhkina Yelizaveta, USAAA


Russia, Bisert