Drapetsona Brownfields Regeneration - Евразийская Премия
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Drapetsona Brownfields Regeneration

Type of entry: Concept


Drapetsona Brownfields Regeneration, Attica Region, Greece. Title: «Creating Urbanity». The study area plays a key-role in the articulation of the connections between the Piraeus area and the neighboring areas of Drapetsona and Keratsini. Despite the seemingly homogeneous features of these urban systems, the urban memories accumulated within the urban section need to find a way out. This fact represents the main target of the project. The aim of the design is to create urban character in order to turn these urban tissues to the sea. At the same time, the urban character is supposed to vary, in order to respond to the different spatial as well as urban conditions of the context. In few words, the study area seems to be a sort of urban «decompression chamber» where urban contradictory systems coexist. The basic strategy of the design is to allow the continuity of the seriality of the urban blocks to enter the study area creating parallel «strips» , linear zones aimed at developing the program with a high degree of flexibility in regard to urban density and land uses. Those successive linear systems ensure urban continuity and consistency while at the same time 1- overlap with the green space 2- form discontinuities, by varying their density as they are intersect by the existing connections Τhis way, the whole metropolitan area of Athens as well as the neighboring municipalities will be provided with public space and urban scale functions as well as neighborhood scale functions in order to reconnect this area to the whole city.




Alexios Tzompanakis, Alessandro Lanzetta


Attica Region, Greece