Solar sources - Евразийская Премия
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Solar sources

Type of entry: Concept


The solar source is a structure over the whole territory that we needed to design. Based on the project documentation, priorities were identified for the city of Masdar. At the proposed location is located in a park walking area, which remained unchanged. Added additional levels. As a result – all designed zones are covered with a roof. Energy source-solar panels, Sunman Arche SMF 320W Poly located on the surface of the entire roof. The roof is a metal structure in the form of Arabic patterns. An environment for walking and rest is created under the canopy. The main level is the Arboretum with different plantings and walking paths. Leading paths to the water park, an open-air cinema, and children’s playgrounds are elegantly in harmony with the idea of a green oasis in the desert. Two waterfalls are in the center of the facility. Water as a source of freshness and sound allows you to feel the peace and tranquility, so necessary to our humanity. The forms of the construction remind of the variety of forms in nature. Symmetry, asymmetry, a curvature of the lines create the impression of a wild jungle world or similarity of the jungle in the desert, saturated with vegetation and moisture. All this gives a sense of natural, not artificially created. Routes on the territory are ribbons of the same width and are accented on a clearly defined movement vector for a pedestrian. Free access to different levels is achieved through the successful placement of numerous pedestrian connections between the level of the park and the recreation areas of the lower level. There are no boundaries between the spaces. Smoothly route is flowing from one to another space and entices the inquisitive mind of a person. The projected object “Solar source” is integrated into the existing project, taking into account pedestrian connections with neighboring buildings. Main pedestrian zone through the whole park has been preserved. In this project, all zones are available for people with special needs, people with disabilities. The height of the structure at the maximum point is 45 meters. The canopy consists of two parts, between which there is space for ventilation and the exit of hot air. In the center of the object, from compositional considerations, the canopy is lowered to the level of a human eye. It is made to penetrate through the solar panels natural shine. The flight of stairs rise above the park area and go to the console. Their silhouette resembles the shape of the dagger Jambia. The waterfall goes into the stream and passes along the central axis of the structure.




Alexey Shestakov, Anastasia Prede


Masdar city, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates