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Type of entry: Concept


Design of the flagship multi-brand clothing and footwear store in Moscow. The target audience is urban youth of 18-25 years old, active and progressive. The store format is Street Retail. The total area of 800m2, 2 floors. On the first floor there is a shopping hall for men’s clothing, on the second floor – for women. The imaginative solution is based on the idea of creating a complex spatial form, which differs from the standard orthogonal compositions prevailing in most stores. Such a space forms the necessary scenario for moving around the store and is its distinguishing feature. The associative series that arises with similar angular shapes is used both in interior decoration and in marketing. The color scheme is built on the contrast of white, black and red. In this project, solutions were used that helped create a sustainable design, for example, exclusively LED lighting systems were used in the interior. LED-lamps are environmentally friendly, allow you to save the environment without special disposal conditions. Their design does not contain toxic, harmful and dangerous substances and materials, including mercury and its derivatives. In addition, they are energy efficient. Energy consumption is a major contributor to climate change. Heating and lighting are two of the most important factors influenced by interior designers. Since most of the building’s heat exits through the windows, high quality windows with good thermal insulation were used in this project. In addition, large panoramic windows can reduce the dependence on artificial lighting. For painting walls and ceilings, the paint that has the highest environmental rating in the industry was selected. In addition, the selected manufacturer uses renewable resources in the production of cans. The central composition of the sales areas is also aimed at reducing the environmental impact: since the furniture does not have a rigid binding, the central part can be reconfigured without any difficulties and new repairs. Furniture in trading floors is made of plastic for the possibility of recycling the material. The bathrooms used plumbing to reduce water consumption. Sink faucets with the innovative Cold Start system: cold water always flows first from the tap. The tap cannot be turned to the right, so when you turn the tap forward, cold water flows. Turning the tap to the left makes the water warmer. Thus, not only water is saved, but also energy, since the heating device does not heat up when this is not necessary. The design of this store is aimed at a young, progressive generation, for whom the ideas of sustainable development are close and relevant.




Urazmetov Rustem