Renovation of the housing stock of Moscow - Евразийская Премия
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Renovation of the housing stock of Moscow

Type of entry: Concept


Project Philosophy: complex is the sum of simple: district is the sum of quarters; quarter is the sum of houses and public spaces; houses consist of apartments and communications; public spaces are formed from leisure venues. The study of public opinion during the pre-project study showed that it is necessary to divide people into those who lived in this quarter and will remain, and those who come to live here for the first time. Among the old-timers, there are two groups – those who voted for renovation and voted against. This means that special attention must be paid to opponents of renovation, since supporters will get their way a priori. Communicating with residents at seminars and conducting questionnaires, we found out the priorities of the opponents of renovation. They like the low-rise buildings and cozy courtyards, they cherish their way and relations with their neighbors, fearing that renovation will ruin social ties – therefore, we must provide them with all this. Among the priority requirements for new homes are high ceilings and the presence of a living room in the apartment – a room in which people’s life will flow. The building itself must be frame – this is important, since in the prefabricated structure it is impossible to subsequently redevelop and hang new facades. There are almost no infrastructure in existing neighborhoods. Our project provides for a variety of life support functions and cultural functions. As a result, neighborhoods become a cozy place for spending leisure time, like a living room in an apartment, new jobs appear and there is no need to leave the area unnecessarily. Today, all five-story blocks are lined with cars and there are not enough parking spaces. In our proposal, we partially remove all vehicles at the pedestrian level, make the environment accessible and safe, we design the number of parking spaces based on the calculation of real citizens’ requests.

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Kolmanok I., Tomashenko A., Yu. Sheredega, A. Vaysfeld, S. Myagkov, L. Baryshev, A. Marulin, A. Cheprakova, A. Emelyanov, A. Khechinashvili, A. Belenko, K. Bilyan, D. Zaitseva, T. Danielyan, A. Kruglyakova, L. Ivanova, Sh. Mariana, N. Pridatkina, A. Marchenko, S. Petrov, K. Aidamirov, A. Stoichenko, R. Isanchurin, M. Mashinistov, A. Smirnov, Ya.Dautova, A. Stepnov-Chernov, N. Gershber