Kandinsky house - Евразийская Премия
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Kandinsky house

Type of entry: Completed


Windows without frames, “smart home” and a garden on the seventh floor: this is how Kandinsky is arranged – an unusual house in the consular quarter on Gogol Street in Yekaterinburg. The special house “Kandinsky”, located in the quiet center of Yekaterinburg, is not striking for its excessive height or the elaborate architecture of the facades. But this is a noticeable decoration of urban space. The project was created in collaboration with the best architectural bureaus in the world. The result of extraordinary work is a modern house with thoughtful technical solutions, innovative materials and a new approach to creating space. Three world-famous bureaus immediately developed a house design on Gogol. The interiors were designed at Lundwall Architects, the landscaping of the surrounding area was done at Greenhance, and the general architecture of the building was created at Aedas. Materials for construction were ordered in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Authors of the project: “We wanted to make the house modern, retaining relevance for many years. A kind of new classic. Here our vision of how a house should be in the 21st century is realized. And this applies not only to the appearance and layout. First of all, these are advanced technologies of construction, improvement and internal equipment”. “Сoncave” house facade: “Kandinsky” is 88 apartments and 17 floors, of which fifteen are residential. Planning decisions are diverse: you can immediately choose an apartment that meets all requirements. But the main architectural find is the concave facade of the house. To emphasize unusual plasticity, some of the windows were made to protrude beyond it. Such a solution was developed at the international architectural bureau Aedas to visually make the house more dynamic. MATERIALS: The first floors of the residential part of the house and the commercial gallery are connected by a single architectural solution of the facades – natural gabbro stone. Finishing with natural material allows the building to maintain an aesthetic appearance over the years. Fiber cement slabs were brought from Switzerland. Such plates can be used up to 100 years. Their main advantage is that they are self-cleaning – the facade will always look clean and fresh. WOOD TEXTURES: In decorating the windows on the facades of the house, Austrian panels with a wood texture were used, of which a terrace was made and balconies inside were decorated. In addition to functionality, an expressive color scheme was obtained: warm wood combined with dark shades of gabbro, white and gray panels. DESIGN LIFTS: The house uses elevators with silent doors and mechanisms. They were made to order in Finland. For Kandinsky, the designers developed a special concept with soft diffused lighting and non-standard cabin dimensions – the height of the ceilings in the elevators is 2.3 meters. INTELLIGENCE GLASS: Kandinsky uses Asahi Glass Company glass. This company produced glass for iPhones. Their products are used for landmark projects around the world. Thanks to a special reflective coating in the winter, the apartment does not freeze, and in the summer it does not heat up. At the same time, the double-glazed window allows enough natural light to pass through, it is energy efficient and, as a result, makes house more environmentally friendly. NOT PLASTIC BUT WOOD: Glazing in apartments and office premises was carried out using Reynaers Sensity aluminum windows. The windows are large – the width of the double-glazed window reaches 2.5 meters. Handles for windows are made of a unique alloy, they were developed by Italian designer Leo Di Carlo. GLASS SCREENS WITHOUT FRAMES: On the balconies the Finnish Lumon frameless glazing system is used. These are solid glasses on the casters that can be folded like a screen. ROOF GARDEN: In addition to the local area, a terrace on the seventh floor was organized for residents of Kandinsky. There were planted pine trees in the form of pine trees, Canadian cirrus and mountain pine. It turned out to be a garden for all the residents of the house. Such large-scale landscaping not only adds to the house’s external attractiveness, but also makes it more environmentally friendly. In the evening, the garden is highlighted, and due to the fact that it is located on the roof, it is also visible when walking through the central part of the city. So the city gets another attractive view. AUTOMATIC COMMUNICATION SYSTEM: The new house is fully serviced by the BMS – Building Management System. Sensors will read and transmit to specialists information on the status of ventilation, heating, water supply, water purification, cold supply, elevator operation, as well as soil moisture level on the terrace and around the house. The house is equipped with a special autonomous system, which even if the water and heating are turned off will provide all residents with water, and will also maintain a comfortable temperature and supply hot water for a day. All water in Kandinsky is a drinking water. It goes through 12 stages of purification, while conventional systems involve up to five stages. “SMART HOUSE” TABLETS: Small tablets will hang on the walls of each apartment. With their help, residents can control centralized systems remotely – choose a comfortable temperature, regulate ventilation or shut off water from anywhere in the world using the application on their smartphone. Thanks to the Smart Home system, it will be possible to control security: view CCTV cameras and video intercoms, and contact the reception at any time. ONE KEY “SMART KEY”: The house has the Smart Key principle, one card fits all locks. It will become a single key for access to the apartment, parking and the closed territory of the house. The house will be recognized by the owner, and you will not need to make a stop to enter the parking: the gates will open automatically as soon as the radio tag on the personal key appears within a radius of 10 meters from them. “SMART HOUSE” ATMOSPHERE: The special atmosphere in Kandinsky is created not only by design, innovations and materials. The house is designed in such a way that the atmosphere itself contributes to the creation of a friendly community of neighbors: for example, on the first floor there are two living rooms for residents, and on the seventh – a terrace with seating. There, people can meet, discuss matters, get impressions. So neighborly relations make Kandinsky a real club house.






Russia, Yekaterinburg