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In December, the 14th season of the International contest-festival “Eurasian Prize 2018” was completed and the Award Ceremony of the Winners and the Grand Prix “Hand of the Master” was held.
More than 280 works were submitted for the contest. Twenty-four works were awarded by the golden diploma and received an award statuette for the first place. Fourteen of them also received the Grand Prix “Hand of the Master”. This award is given only for the implemented projects. Also, 55 entries received silver and bronze diplomas. The ceremony was attended by participants from different cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Samara, Anapa, etc., as well as from 8 foreign countries, including the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan.
It should be noted that the statuette “Eurasian Prize” symbolizes the waterfall of creative ideas of three directions: architecture, urban planning and design. The award-winning statuette “Hand of the Master” is made according to the sketch of the great French architect Le Corbusier and represents a stylized hand of a man cast in bronze.
For 15 years of its existence, the contest “Eurasian Prize” has gained great fame, expanded its geography from the Ural region to Europe, Asia and America. Over the years, the competition program was attended by more than eight thousand professional architects and designers, including more than 700 foreign specialists from the near and far abroad. More than 400 entries received the title of winners in their nominations and prizes totaling more than 10 million rubles in cash value.
We represent the winners of the first places in different competitions and nominations.
Yuri Muravitsky and Rustam Kerimov (Russia) took the first place in the nomination Creative Housing -apartments for creative people. They presented the project “KIBITKA 3205”. It has been already implemented. Their architectural office is called A-GA.
There are two winners in the nomination of Public Architecture. First, it is an architectural company Kengo Kuma & Associations (Japan). They presented the project of the PORTLAND JAPANESE GARDEN CULTURAL VILLAGE. It had been already implemented. Secondly, it is Leonid Emdin (author of the project) and Alexander Dodonov (visualization) from Russia. They presented the project of Art Academy “The Flower of Montparnasse”. Their project has not yet been implemented.
In the category of architecture of Industrial Architecture, the first place was taken by a team of architects: Trukhanov Sergei, Brovkin Alexander, Makarov Nikolai, Voevodina Polina, Parfenova Julia. They’re Russian. They presented the project – Architectural and town-planning concept of the research and production complex of buildings “Contour-Park”. This project has not been implemented. Their company is called T+T ARCHITECTS.
There are also two winners in the Private House architecture category. The first place for the implementation took the project “House-bridge of Gliding Light”. The team of Vitvitsky Ingmar, Makhmudova Lyudmila, Demidov Igor, Rubleva Anna, and Kostyuk Alexander had worked on it. Their company is called INGMAR ARCHITECTS.
Also in this category the first place was given to the project SOLO 100. It is unrealized. The authors are wife Diana Morar-Korotky and Dennis Korotky. Their Studio is called the ARCHiTYPE idea project.
In the category of High-Rise Architecture there is one winner. This is the Lagos Wooden Tower project. It is unrealized. Its author is Hermann Kamte, Studio Hermann Kamte & Associates (Cameroon).
In the category of Low and Mid-Rise Housing there are two winners. The implemented project is Shifting Voids-Student Housing. The authors are Manisha Agarwal and Shantanu Poredi (India). Their company is called MO-of / Mobile Offices.
The unrealized project is called Pulse. It was the work of Pavel Bartov, Sergey Bartov, Gregory Bartov, Polina Timofeeva.
In the category of Multipurpose Complexes, there are two winners. First, it is an implemented project of Multifunctional Complex. It was built by the architectural firm “ALKUTA” and “Workshop of architectural and construction concepts” from Russia.
Second, the project of Belgorod City. It is unrealized. Its authors: Dmitry Boykov and Paul Moore. A consortium of companies – DB-ARCH STUDIO (Russia) and NIXDORF CONSULT (Germany), created the project.
Andreas Faoro and Stefano Boeri won in the category of Urban Planning. They presented the implemented Tirana General Local Plan. They have their own Bureau UNLAB URBAN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE.
In the category of Urban Environment Design, there are two winners of the first places. First is the Zvonnitsa Arch project. It had been already implemented. Authors: architect Novichkov Nicholay, designer of the memorial sign Alexey Kashanin, curator Stanislav Gridasov. They represent the architectural Bureau SNOU (Russia).
Second, the project Chernoistochinsky Embankment of the pond. It is unrealized. Authors: Chuikov, Andrei, Fasonov Andrey, Meuh Pavel, Kovalev Ivan, Sogrin Egor. They represent the Bureau CNTR Architects (Russia).
In the category Business Interior the first place was taken by the project Detsky Mir Headquarters. It has been implemented. It was the work of the authors: Vera Odyn’, Olga Treivas, Polina Dudkina, Julia Semkova, Dilyara Mukhamedova, Svetlana Dudina, Victoria Kosichenko, Fedor Katsuba, Paulina Kotelnikova. They represent the architectural Bureau FORM.
In the category of Commercial Interior the first place was taken by the project – Crafting a Retail: WARDA Flagship. Its authors are Syed Fawad Hussain and Leena Hussan from Pakistan. They represent the Metropolitan Studio of Architecture (MSA), Lahor, Pakistan.
The Billards Base at the Plant project took the first place in the Public Interior nomination. Its author is Dmitry Antonov (Russia).
In the category of Private Interior there are two owners of the first places. First, the project Apartment in the residential complex “Nikolaevsky Ensemble”. It is unrealized. Its authors Ruslan Akhunov and Olga Tikhonova (Russia).
Second is the implemented project EcoStile Apartment. Its author, Stanislav Zaynutdinov (Russia).
In the Industrial Design category first place is given to the project OBSERVATORY COLLECTION. Its author is Lee Broom (Great Britain).
Sled KTZ Expedition took the first place in the nomination of Technical Innovations (Technology). The authors are Pavel Loginov and Lomaev Sergei. They represent KTZ company. (Russia)
In the category of applied innovations (product) the first place was taken by the development of ActivPilot Comfort – innovative way of ventilation. The company Winkhaus (Germany) created it.

Awards ceremony 2018


Eurasian Prize Winners 2018