Manifesto – Евразийская Премия
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international summit of architects, urbanists, designers

 The Summit “ArchEurasia 2021”
Designing the city, designing tomorrow
November 17—19, 2021
Russia, Yekaterinburg (city)


The world is changing rapidly.

The contemporary challenges of uncontrolled urbanization, poverty, isolation, social adaption issues, climatic and environmental changes are calling for a new development of the social environment paradigm. The need for creating a new paradigm in social environment development is dictated not only by the global challenge of the pandemic that the humankind is facing now. A widening gap in the theory and practice of the interaction between the authorities and the general public in the urban planning sphere, as well as a collective responsibility for the world which we’ll live in tomorrow, are pointing out the problem.

The community of architects, designers, urbanists are faced with inevitable questions about how architecture can contribute to the transformation of society, strengthen social solidarity and, at the same time, resist the trends of «dehumanization» of the surroundings. That is why, it is extremely important to initiate, as soon as possible, a discussion on Prospective Architectural and Urban Development, as well as to develop new solutions for prompt response to changing daily life needs.

Summit of architects, urbanists, designers “ArchEurasia 2021” is involved leading world architects and designers, city planners and economists, sociologists and philosophers, urbanists, representatives of city communities and government agencies because «Architectural thinking» is not a special insight of the architectural community, but a stable social point of view to form a city.

 “ArchEurasia 2021” is a global initiative aimed at:

  • To initiate a discussion on Prospective Architectural and Urban Development and to develop paradigm for building social environment;
  • To highlight the major role of architecture in the modern world and designing the future;
  • To elucidate the value of architecture as a means of humanization of urban planning processes drawing on international best practices in the field of social architecture and as a means of creating and enabling safe environments;
  • To identify ways towards effective cooperation of architects, designers, urbanists, authorities, urban communities, and developers with consensus at all stages of planning activities;
  • To re-evaluate critically the existing practices of designing social environment objects and developing new solutions for prompt response to changing daily life needs;
  • To highlight the role of urban communities in improving the urban environment and demonstrate new opportunities for interaction with urban space.

Being distanced from the influence of ideologies and sectoral lobbying pressures, the “ArchEurasia” invites open and free discussion involving all stakeholders — architects, designers, urbanists, popular bloggers, cultural scientists, philosophers, sociologists, technology companies, academic and multidisciplinary institutions, public officials and social movements, as well as students and active citizens. A free debate involving all stakeholders will make it possible to move from the general to the specific, from theory to practice, from global to vital, from opposition to an agreement with civil society at all stages of urban development.

The result of the “ArchEurasia 2021” will be a memorandum on new approaches to the design and organization of spaces/facilities of the social environment addressed to representatives of tourism, healthcare, culture, sports, construction, etc. which will be presented at industry forums in the following year.

Summit of architects, urbanists, designers “ArchEurasia 2021” is the final event of the XVI season of the International Prize for Architecture and Design ‘Eurasian Prize’, which takes place in 2021 in an extended format – summit, forum, festival – and will conclude with the awards presentation to the winners of the Eurasian Prize 2021.


«Eurasian Prize» is an international competition in architecture and design, which has been held annually since 2003. It is a unique non-profit project designed to identify talented architects, urban planners and designers capable of bringing new ideas and solutions into the world. Over this period, nearly 9,000 professionals from more than 42 countries around the world have taken part in this competition. 

The prestige of the «Eurasian Prize» is determined by the fact that it is judged by a highly reputable Jury.