Festival – Евразийская Премия
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About the architecture and design festival and affiliated events

Since 2002, the Eurasian Prize, the architecture and design festival, has been honoring the most prominent works of individuals and businesses who do more than just provide services or sell goods. The festival continues promoting those who aim to make our cities, homes and user experiences better. In addition, the Eurasian Prize connects professionals and firms in architecture and design, providing great networking opportunities and building ties that are meant to last.

Architecture and Design Festival

The Eurasian Prize Festival is an annual set of professional events. This includes workshops, lectures, conferences, installations, meet-the-artist sessions and parties. The events are held throughout the year to maintain the interest in the award and competition. The Festival connects architects, designers, media, manufacturers, and other businesses active in the field of design, planning and construction. The networking opportunity provided by the events is truly unique.

Eurasian Prize Gala

The Eurasian Prize is built around an international awards and events program. The festival culminates in the Eurasian Prize Gala, the main event honoring the best individuals and businesses involved in architecture, urbanism, interior design, and industrial design. The ceremony is traditionally held at the Residence of the Governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast. Situated in the heart of Yekaterinburg, a big city on the borderline between Europe and Asia, the 19th century palace opens its doors to the Eurasian Prize awardees and honorary guests of the ceremony.

Target audience

The events held as part of the Eurasian Prize festival target:

  • the international community of architects, designers, and experts;
  • architecture and design students from all over the world;
  • international, national and local businesses involved in architecture, urbanism, planning, design, property, building, building supplies, construction, and manufacturing;
  • architecture and design enthusiasts.

Major events in 2019-2020


Most of the events under the Eurasian Prize are held in Yekaterinburg, the unofficial capital of the Major Ural region. Venues include exhibition centers, galleries, trade malls, interior design centers, conference halls and cinema theaters. The Eurasian Prize Gala takes place at the Residence of the Governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast.


We invite enterprises, business corporations, businesses and cultural foundations to support the Eurasian Prize in the current season. We can offer a plethora of benefits to help you achieve your specific goals in marketing, promotion, and brand awareness. For more information, please contact the organizing committee at konkurs@eurasian-prize.ru.

Organizing Committee

The Eurasian Prize Organizing Committee includes highly authoritative experts in architecture and design.