Arch Eurasia - Евразийская Премия
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Arch Eurasia

internetional summit of architects, urbanists, designers


Following the “logic of maximum profit” for several decades has led to the exclusion of architecture from the rank of actors directly influencing the social sphere. However, the international architectural community is strongly opposed to this unfair status quo. Thus, Alejandro Aravena, a Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate and adherent of social architecture, says that ‘architecture as a way to help people, and not to simply dazzle them with form.’ Architecture is a powerful tool which can help resolve social contradictions. Architecture reconciles all parties: political, economic, social… Architects are people who are capable of bringing in their experience and knowledge into the solution of stories where other disciplines cannot cope. Reclaiming a leading social, public and cultural role for architecture is one of the challenges that are on the agenda of «ArchEuraisa», a summit of architects, urbanists and designers scheduled to take place on 1-3 October 2020 in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The contemporary challenges of uncontrolled urbanization, poverty, isolation, social maladjustment, climatic and environmental changes pose an inevitable question before architects and designers, how architecture could be used to transform society and strengthen social solidarity. The current pandemic adds new meanings to the discussion of this issue and sets new challenges for the community of these professionals.

The International Summit «ArchEurasia» should become a global initiative aimed at:

  • highlighting the major role of architecture in the modern world
  • elucidating the value of architecture as a means of humanization of urban planning processes drawing on international best practices in the field of social architecture and as a means of creating and enabling safe environments
  • identifying ways towards effective interdisciplinary cooperation and consensus with civil society at all stages of planning activities
  • re-evaluating critically the existing practices and developing new solutions for prompt response to changing daily life needs caused by the pandemic

The Summit is an initiative proposed by the Organizing Committee and the Jury of the “Eurasian Prize” contest.

The need to work out a new paradigm in social development is dictated not only by the global challenge of the pandemic that the humankind is facing now but also by a widening gap in the theory and practice of interaction between the authorities and the general public in the urban planning sphere. This gap was brought into sharp focus by a number of submissions to the Competition. It is therefore natural that the Summit has been initiated by the members of the Jury for whom it is obvious that architects can and should become agents of change towards social consent.

The ArchEurasia Summit is destined to become a unique event as it will engage in discussions not only internationally renowned architects and designers but also urban planners, sociologists, cultural study scholars, and philosophers. That said, the Summit will dissociate itself from the influence of governmental ideologemes and sectoral lobbying pressures.

The end result of the Summit will be a memorandum summarizing the lively dialogue in a collective message to various sectors: construction, tourism, healthcare, culture, sports, etc.

The “ArchEuraisa” summit of architects, urbanists and designers will conclude with the presentation of awards to the winners of the XVth International competition of architecture and design “Eurasian Prize”.


“Eurasian Prize” is an international competition in architecture and design, which has been held annually since 2003. It is a unique non-profit project designed to identify talented architects, urban planners and designers capable of bringing new ideas and solutions into the world. Over this period, nearly 9,000 professionals from more than 30 countries around the world have taken part in this competition. 

The prestige of the “Eurasian Prize” is determined by the fact that it is judged by a highly reputable Jury. Thus, the Jury of the recently held XVth season included founders and executives of renowned architectural consultancies from 16 countries: PATRIK SCHUMACHER (Principal of Zaha Hadid Architects), BEN VAN BERKEL (Founder / Principal Architect UNStudio), JÜRGEN MAYER H. (Principal J. MAYER H. und Partner), KARIM RASHID (icon of Industrial design, co-founder Kurv Architecture), ANDREY BOKOV (Vice President of International Academy of Architecture (IAA)), CARLO RATTI (Director, MIT Senseable City Lab Founding Partner, C R A), KRIS YAO (Hon. FAIA, Founder of KRIS YAO | ARTECH), RAINER MAHLAMÄKI (Architect M.Sc., co-founder Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects), PETER IPPOLITO (Founder, managing partner, IF Group),  MANAL RACHDI (Founder and director of Oxo Architects), BEN DUCKWORTH (Head of Design-Architecture, HASSELL), LARS KRÜCKEBERG (Founding Partner, CEO GRAFT), LUIS PANCORBO (Ph.D., founder, Pancorbo Arquitectos), HYUNHO LEE (Partner, co-founder of Chiasmus Partner), ANSSI LASSILA (Founder OOPEAA) and other world famous architects and designers.


Summit ARCH EURASIA 2020

Oktober 1-3, 2020
Yekaterinbug, Russia

The summit theme: “Architecture and Society”

In the program of the forum ARCH EURASIA 2020:

  • Architectural congress;
  • Urban forum;
  • Design and Technology congress;
  • The award ceremony of the international festival of architecture, urban planning and design “Eurasian Prize 2019-2020”;
  • Exhibition-installation of architectural and design projects.
    The business part of the ARCH EURASIA Summit will open by the plenary session “Strategies for urban planning and architectural experience in the context of new economic conditions ”.


Foundation of Eurasian Cultural Projects ARCH EURASIA
International Academy of Architecture. Moscow Branch (IAAM)
Ural Regional Office of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences.
Union of Architects of Russia. Sverdlovsk Regional Office.
Union of Designers of Russia. Sverdlovsk Regional Office.