Metropolia Myllypuro Campus – Евразийская Премия
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Metropolia Myllypuro Campus

Architects Lahdelma & Mahlamäki unveiled their new, newly built facility, the Metropolia Myllypuro campus in Helsinki, designed in collaboration with Arkkitehtitoimisto Lehto Peltonen Valkama.

“Known for its education system, Finland is building schools. A modern learning environment is a great challenge for architects, as it must support the learning of children and adolescents, inspire teachers and also be an attractive building with evening services for residents in the neighborhood. The Metropolia Myllypuro Campus is a contemporary, soft form and attractive series of learning spaces.”
–Professor Rainer Mahlamäki

The aim of new Myllypuro Campus, located in Helsinki, Finland and designed for Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, is to create an inspiring and open network of learning. The combination of highly-specialized research spaces and open social spaces creates an environment where students can foster an intense understanding of their subject, whilst having frequent exposure to the work of so many more of their peers.

Metropolia Myllypuro is a polytechnic campus which looks to serve 6,000 students and 500 staff through a range of teaching, learning and research facilities. The space solutions focus on the effectiveness of the circulation system, re-configurability, the need to deal with the high volume of users, the optimization of spaces around the building and the use of in-between space as a catalyst for social and educational interaction. The aim of the building, in concept, is to create an inspiring and open network of learning. The design bases itself on the Finnish approach to education which realizes the importance of shared learning across disciplines through social study spaces; whilst allowing for intense learning of individual practices in isolated environments.

The campus is made of four main blocks, joined by huge atria and open social space.

Four primary units are present in the Metropolia Myllypuro Campus, separated by spaces which look to create a public social environment. While keeping it sheltered from the harsh Finnish climate, the separation of the units gives an almost urban atmosphere, breaking away from the traditional ‘school’ feeling and promoting informal, out-of-office-hours type interactions. The ground floor is kept primary for shared uses, allowing students and teachers from various disciplines to interact, whether it is through open study space, refreshment facilities or the large auditoriums. Within the core units the program becomes more specialized, allowing for the focus on individual disciplines and more intense research or learning.

From concrete element production to high-precision surgical training, the range of functions within the campus are unprecedented.

Catering for the high volume of users, underneath the building is a service yard and parking hall. Above this, within the main volumes are a whole host of facilities. Included in this are: Two large auditoriums, a conference centre, restaurant, two sports halls, a therapy pool, clinical laboratory spaces, a simulation centre, clinical health care facilities, vast technical aid workshops, concrete and technical installation laboratories, 1,600 m2 of library services and Metropolia’s own commercial premises. On top of this, a significant amount of space is dedicated to teacher’s offices, designed according to the activity-based office concept – bringing a more practical and hands-on approach to education which looks to trickle down into the teaching environment.

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Project photos by Kuvatoimisto Kuvio.