The Summit of Architects, Urbanists, and Designers “Arch Eurasia 2021” claims global trends in sustainable development – Евразийская Премия
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The Summit of Architects, Urbanists, and Designers “Arch Eurasia 2021” claims global trends in sustainable development

The International Summit of Architects, Urbanists and Designers ‘ArchEurasia 2021’ has finished in Yekaterinburg (Russia), as the final event of the XVI season of the International Award for Architecture and Design ‘Eurasian Prize 2021’. 

‘This year, the geography of the сompetition participants has expanded, crossing the equator. The final event of the International Prize for Architecture and Design ‘Eurasian Prize 2021’ was the three-day  Summit ‘ArchEurasia’,  where architects, urbanists, designers, and prize nominees from all continents. Among the speakers were the great names capable of solving global problems of the human environment’ said the head of the director of the International Competition architecture and design ‘Eurasian Prize’ and the Summit ‘ArchEurasia’, Galina Bukova.

More than 1200 experts from Russia, 124 speakers from Russia, and 16 world experts with lectures took part in the Summit ‘ArchEurasia’. The summit opened with a session focused on the role of international cooperation for urban development, with the participation of representatives of diplomatic missions in Yekaterinburg from Great Britain, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Italy.

‘Before we are questions that can no longer be resolved within the framework of one state. Uncontrolled urbanization, poverty, and now the pandemic call on the whole world to find joint solutions, to dialogue and cooperation’ — said the head of the Summit ‘ArchEurasia 2021’, Galina Bukova.

The focus of attention of the international outstanding architects and designers is sustainable architecture, energy and resource conservation, innovative technologies for architecture.

The guests of the Summit listened with great interest to the online talks made by outstanding architects and designers:

  • «Designing Nature based Solutions: Ecological Design». Dr. Kenneth Yeang King Mun, ecoarchitect (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • «Innovative construction engineering techniques: IGZ Campus Falkenberg». Jürgen Mayer H., (J. MAYER H. und Partner, Architekten mbB, Germany)
  • «Residential complexes in Milan from II World War to Nowadays». Lorenzo Degli Esposti, Degli Esposti Architetti (Milan, Italy)
  • «Sustainable ways of resourcing and building with timber». Dr. Jeremy Smith, Irving Smith Architects (Nelson, New Zealand)
  • «Design with social sustainable agenda». Jeroen Schipper, Orange Architects (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  • «Creating Sustainable Value». Erick van Egeraat, EEA (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • «Without the instruction manual: smart products for sustainable cities». Andrea Cingoli, CONCEPTICONstudio (Teramo, Italy)
  • «Human-friendly urban spaces: a positive transformation of Cities». Dieter Brell (3deluxe, Wiesbaden, Germany)
  • «Urban Color Planning and Design of Jinan Key Areas». Guo Hongyu (Guangzhou University &Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co)
  • «Future City: Resilient by Data, Adoptive by Design». Erez Ella, HQ Architects (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • «Multiple Views of Participatory Design». Henry Sanoff, the editor of the Journal of Design Studies, and recognized as the founder of the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA)

Several authors have presented a sufficiently detailed description their new objects that follow the principles of sustainable architecture:

  • «Еxpansion of Helsinki Airport by ALA Architects». Juho Grönholm, ALA Architects (Helsinki, Finland)
  • «SHIKOR: A Country House». Mohammad Naimul Ahsan Khan (Spatial Architects, Dhaka, Bangladesh).
  • «Gran Malecón: a linear public space, designed to revive the connection between the city and the River». Ricardo Vives Guerra (Puerta de Oro, Barranquilla, Colombia)
  • «Salina Municipal Park, Larnaca». Panita Karamanea & Thanasis Polyzoidis (Topio7 Architects, Athens, Greece)

It is important that the current Summit was interesting not only for professionals, but also for representatives of the public. The townspeople had been actively involved in the work of the sections dedicated to the transport systems of cities, technologies and projects for waste processing, greening issues and other relevant topics.

The business program included the lecture ‘Public dialogue in design’ of Henry Sanoff, the founder of the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA), USA.

‘A singularity of the Summit ‘ArchEurasia 2021’ is that this year a large program was devoted to the topic of urbanism and participatory design‘, — as director of Summit has emphasized at the concluding press conference.

‘It was a unique experience of interaction between different expert groups and the public, a valuable opportunity for communication. We participated in ‘ArchEurasia’ in two forms – as speakers of the Summit and as nominees of the competition ‘Eurasian Prize’, — said the environmental scientist from Kaliningrad, Alexandr Matyukha.

His colleague from Rostov-on-Don (Russia) Principal Architect  and Chief of the Architectural Bureau ‘New RASA’, Andrey Doynitsyn,  whose team won ‘gold’ at the competition in its nomination, considers that the main value of both the competition and the Summit is that they promote innovative ideas and help architects and designers ‘understand where they are’.

‘But the most important general trend which has shown the Summit ‘ArchEurasia’ and the competition is that we are beginning to be conscious of responsibility for the future. The world is changing, and architects are the ones who can adapt the world to changing conditions’, — the director of the Summit is sure.

‘Unfortunately, the pandemic did not permit many stakeholders to come to the final of the competition and to the Summit in person, and we do not know how long the introduction of measures on non-proliferation disease will last. But we’ll certainly do our best that the competition ‘Eurasian Prize’ and the Summit ‘ArchEurasia’ are available to everyone who is willing to participate in them’, — concluded Galina Bukova.

Press conference following the ArchEurasia Summit