AGRICULTURAL MARKET - Евразийская Премия
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The projected building of the agro-market is located in the northern part of one of the main thoroughfares of Yekaterinburg — Cosmonauts Avenue. The key design problem was the fact that the facility stands in the second line of buildings along the avenue, almost completely hidden from the views of passers-by and drivers by buildings and intense greening. The entire concept of the agricultural market was built around the task of making it as visible and dominant as possible despite its insignificant height and unfavorable urban context.
The basic shape of the building is a polygonal shell, contrasting with the rectangular grid of Soviet urban planning that surrounds the object. The shell is a self-supporting closed metal structure with lamella lining enveloping the geometrically strict walls. The dynamic image and the complex silhouette also help convey what kind of product is being sold, and how exclusive are the services provided.
The building itself has an irregular shape in plain view, and as a result, the main facade stands at a significant angle to Cosmonauts Ave., contracting with the urban context. This also made it possible to establish direct pedestrian passage, separating the main building of the market cluster from the shopping pavilions.
The warm complex color scheme of the building, with various shades of blue prevailing, also provides the necessary contrast with the environment.
Functionally, the cluster reinvents the idea of traditional agricultural markets in modern reality. The atmosphere of a market square begins to form on the pedestrian boulevard limited by trade objects, and grows stronger inside the building thanks to the large double-height space and lanterns on the roof to increase the natural illumination. Following the idea of the traditional market, the solution uses the «intrusion» of street space into the interior of the building through the use of street paving, lighting, finishing materials, navigation, and greening. The shops in the form of greenhouses and cottages communicate the image of environment-friendly and traditional farm production.


2 nd place


Andrey Chuikov, Andrey Fasonov, Paul Meuh, Ekaterina Kurbatova, Elizaveta Poltalova, Ivan Kovalev




СNTR Architects