Architectural and town-planning concept of the research and production complex of buildings «Contour-Park» - Евразийская Премия
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Architectural and town-planning concept of the research and production complex of buildings «Contour-Park»

The plot of 16.8 hectares is located in the Verkh-Isetsky District of the city of Ekaterinburg and is bordered to the streets of Pikhtova, Maloprudnaya and Sukhodolskaya.
The task of the project is to create the headquarters of a large company in which the creative potential of any employee will not be hampered by strict rules of office life, where there are no obstacles to the exchange of ideas, communication and self-development, where the space is imbued with innovative ideas and the spirit of innovation.
On the site we have a research and production complex of buildings for 5000 employees with a total area of 147,000 m2, including parking in the stylobate part of the buildings with an area of 84150 m2 for 2500 cars, an educational center for 500 students with a hostel for 150 people with a total area of 20550 m2, an aparthotel with parking with a total area of 36900 m2, a kindergarten with an area of 2450 m2, a shopping center with an area of 1770 m2 and a climbing wall with an area of 2300 m2.
In the center of the site is located a two-level park area of 10.8 hectares. At ground level, the park is a walking area with a developed pathway network, artificial lakes and hills, playgrounds and an open amphitheater. On the roof of the stylobates of buildings is the second level of the park with a developed sports function. Pedestrian bridges in the second level are created to provide links between park levels. The realization of this project should give a new step in the development of urban planning policies and the appearance of the city of Ekaterinburg.


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Truhanov Sergey, Brovkin Alexander, Makarov Nikolay, Voevodina Polina, Parfenova Yulia


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