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BlueSmart – the new world of access management for large project

blueSmart blueSmart The new world of access management blueSmart offers maximum convenience and especially high flexibility for the user. The combination of a passive, key-operated system with a virtual network system is unique: Data is communicated by means of the virtual network and, if necessary, even with viral command circulation. Intelligent and convenient. blueSmart is the latest generation of electronic access organisation from Winkhaus. It combines convenient management of complex building structures with a modern design. This intelligent system combines the advantages of offline solutions with the benefits of online solutions. The result is cost-effective building operation and an increase in efficiency for electronic locking systems. blueSmart operates in buildings via a virtual network. The offline, cable-free system consists of built-in electronic components which communicate with one another, process information and relay the information to other components. As a result, access authorisations and disable or system-related commands are reliably implemented extremely easily and at a very fast rate. The information is transferred by the normal blueSmart user key in the scope of its daily use. The technology can regulate access control and the use of building automation systems, log movement and bill for user-related services, e.g. in administrative buildings, hotels, hospitals, sports facilities and town halls, retirement homes, schools or even airports blueSmart Components The electronic cylinder: • Available as a double, single or knob cylinder, and as a padlock • Standard VdS equipment • Up to VdS environment class 4 and IP 67 • Temperature range from -20 °C to +65 °C • Automatic reporting of the battery status via virtual network blueSmart reader • In nearly all common switch designs • For indoor and outdoor use • Reader available with internal or external control unit • External control unit in plastic housing for installation in standard flush-mounted box (UP 55) • Integrated relay for activation of motorised locks, turnstiles or car park cupboards blueSmart identification media • Keys made of high-quality plastics available in a variety of colours • blueSmart user key can be used for up to IP 68 • blueSmart premium key optionally available with additional transponder for connection to third party systems • Also available as a mechanical transponder key, identification cards in cheque card format or as a key fob blueSmart update reader • Booking terminal for use of the virtual blueSmart network • Available in three versions: only booking, booking with integrated relay, booking with offset relay • Design versions: Siedle Vario in various colours, Elcom Modesta (stainless steel), Ritto Acero (stainless steel)• Assignment of authorisations updated on a daily basis, access limited in regard to time and location • Feedback logging of events EAC • Elegant electronic door handles for especially high demands on design • Available as a rosette or door frame fitting or glass door fitting • No protruding or affixed parts • Contact-free recognition of identification media • Optionally with FH approval for fire protection • Can be set to long-term release / office mode • Available in surface and design versions according to the FSB product catalogue blueSmart double knob cylinders • Available as double knob and thumbturn cylinders • For the combination of mechanical and electronic locking systems • Can be used with all blueSmart identification media Virtual networking – fast, convenient and affordable. The electronic components in the system communicate with one another via a virtual network. The data exchange within the system takes place wirelessly in the scope of the normal use of the key – in the background and unnoticed by the user. When a user holds their identification media, such as the new blueSmart key, on the upload reader or inserts it into the electronic blueSmart door cylinder, the components exchange information. For example, this includes changes to the local locking rights, changes of the time limits, lock event logs, battery status messages and much more. In the special case that it is necessary to block a lost grand master key to all doors of the property as quickly as possible, a viral dissemination option has been implemented for blocking commands. Every key which has received this blocking command passes it along to every cylinder which it has unlocked or locked. And every “infected” cylinder passes it along, in turn, to every key thereafter. With this intelligent system, the block command rapidly snowballs through the entire property. With the virtual transmission of information, the expenditure for the manual programming of offline door components can be almost completely eliminated with blueSmart. As a result, administrators and users of locking systems can enjoy all the advantages of offline solutions without missing out on the convenience of online systems. The project planning and installation of elaborate wiring or disruptive radio links can be eliminated and yet there is still a network for the rapid and uncomplicated exchange of data. Management of who has which access authorisation and when takes place from the central computer/client. blueSmart is integrated in the Winkhaus software family.

BlueCompact – the locking system with the app

blueCompact – The smart locking system with the app blueCompact – The smart locking system with the app
With blueCompact the smart home begins right at the front door. Electronic locking systems offer many advantages: They are more flexible and easier for users to configure according to their needs, even at a later date. Users benefit from full control and an overview of the whole locking system.
Simple. Flexible. Smart. blueCompact is the first locking system controlled via an app. This makes the configuration more individual, flexible and easier to carry out yourself – even retrospectively. After the installation, you have the lasting benefit of full control and overview of the entire locking system. This makes blueCompact not only ideal for small homes, but also for smaller, forward-looking businesses. Discover even more reasons to choose electronic locking systems with the latest highlight from Winkhaus.Clever system with smart control. Thanks to the simple operation via an app, the entire system can be managed extremely easily with maximum comfort. blueCompact is therefore the first system ever to enable you to carry out all processes, authorisations and changes via your smartphone or your tablet. React directly to lost keys: Thanks to the management via an app, you can act right away if a key is lost and block it immediately. The disabled authorisations ensure that the key is practically worthless for the finder. If the key is found, it can be activated again in a matter of minutes. Overview of all locking events: The app provides a clear and precise overview of which key has been used to access which room at what time. This enables you to carry out comprehensive access control for your building. With blueCompact, you therefore have a constant overview of everything that happens on your doors. Issue locking authorisations remotely: blueCompact is well thought-out down to the smallest detail and also offers a solution for issuing locking authorisations remotely. You can leave a key with a neighbour, for example, who can use it in emergencies. For this to work, the permission must be sent to the key via an app to activate the key remotely. No Cloud storage: blueCompact does everything to ensure that your data is always protected. All the details of your locking system are not stored in a Cloud, but securely on the key itself. This ensures that nobody can access the information authorising them to open the door without your permission. The entire system is really easy to learn: blueCompact fulfils all requirements for a user-friendly system. Even though this access control offers a wide range of functions, the operation and use is extremely easy to understand and intuitive to learn. A video tutorial concept guides you and explains each individual function step-by-step. Creating and managing time profiles: Creating time profiles enables you to react flexibly. You can configure the locking authorisations with individual times for each individual key depending on the requirements. This enables you to configure the days and times at which people can access selected rooms. Expandable and easy to install: blueCompact is made up entirely of perfectly coordinated components. The standard cylinder size makes it easier for you to carry out the installation on-site meaning that the system can be installed without technicians. If your building gets bigger, the expandable system grows with it – up to 99 keys and 25 cylinders are possible. blueCompact: Each component fits into the system. blueCompact consists of a number of components which are optimally matched to one another and can be put together to provide a tailored solution for any building. You can thus be sure that Winkhaus will always have the best solution for every situation. All cylinders can be extended to the next 5 mm increment – on both sides in double cylinders and on the outer side in half cylinders. Cylinders can thus be optimally adjusted to each door. With the blueCompact app, you have your locking system firmly and securely under control at all times. It is highly user-friendly thanks to a clearly arranged, simple operation system. The free «blueCompact» app is now available from the App Store in an iOS version or from Google Play Store for Android devices.
blueCompact offers you: + Convenience: manage your system easily using the app + Flexibility: lost keys can be blocked at the flick of a switch + More control: all locking events can be closely monitored + Remote access: locking authorisations can be issued remotely + Security: data is only stored on the key + Knowledge: every step is explained via video instruction + Practicality: easy installation and flexible expansion + Independence: establish and administrate time profiles
The following operating systems are compatible with the app: • Android version 5.0 or higher • iOS version 9 or higher Smartphones must feature Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.


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