GAUDI-entertainment center - Евразийская Премия
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GAUDI-entertainment center

The ambitious project of the 21st century, the central point of rest and leisure on the map of the provincial city, an institution that attracts every guest with its swings, impressive modern installation of light and sound, the best dance shows, musicals of its own production, live rock concerts of billy-bands and tours of the most top-notch dias -Jews of Russia and Europe.
The club \»GAUDI\» owes its name to the great Antonio Gaudi – a genius architect of the 19th century, the source of inspiration for which was the living nature.
The space of the club \»GAUDI\» is logically structured into three main parts: a pre-party bar, a dance floor with vip zones on the second level and a restaurant.
Each room evokes its emotions. However, the pre-pary bar produces the strongest impression. Its interior is a symbiosis of the smooth forms of furniture, mirrors and quaint fixtures creating a complex plastic space. Traditional tiles, stone and wood designers preferred modern materials, from which the basic details of the interior were made. Truly magically, a bar stand made of light-conducting concrete looks like a color-controlled LED, as does all interior elements.
The play of light brings its notes into the perception of space. The interior \»lives\» and \»responds\» to the beat of the music with light, which is infinitely reflected as if in water droplets in spherical mirrors.
The dance floor is the main place of the GAUDI club. The multi-tiered stands, used as seats, connect the levels of the central arena among themselves. At the same time, they structure the space and avoid excessive accumulation of people in one zone.
Columns, mirrors and stairs are equipped with LED-backlight, which facilitates visitors orientation in the dark and provokes the appearance of spectacular effects. As if on the red carpet, rising to the 2 tier of the dance floor, guests enter the vip zone. They are like theater boxes – decorated with stucco decor, curtains with drapes, abound with mirrors and red velvet in the finish.
Continue the evening and enjoy fine cuisine guests can in the restaurant GAUDI, which can be accessed from any part of the club.
GAUDI does not strive to be the best among the likes, GAUDI is one of a kind.


3 d place


Anna Strizhova, Sergey Toporov