Matte Stone Onyx Farmhouse Sink and Matte Black Penumbra Faucet - Евразийская Премия
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Matte Stone Onyx Farmhouse Sink and Matte Black Penumbra Faucet

The essence of quality is authenticity. This piece is comprised of two components: The Matte Stone Farmhouse Sink and the Matte Black Faucet. Presented collectively, the sleek, minimalist design of the sink set, made possible by the unique Matt Stone material, with the stylish feature of the exclusive matte black coating and Matte Black finish of the faucet enrich most architectural styles, both residential and commercial.
The sink, made from VIGO’s Matte Stone™ is an ultra-durable PMMA composite designed to look and feel like carved, polished stone, molded as a seamless piece. Comparative companies usually make their sinks using cast iron, fireclay and porcelain products consist of an iron or clay core that is coated with enamel. Over time, this leads to unsightly cracks on the surface, revealing the dark base underneath. VIGO’s Matte Stone’s circumvents this with a non-porous, solid core construction resists scratches and interior glaze further repels stains.
The basin features a reversible front apron with slotted and flat face styles. The apron face of the sink is finished with an exclusive matte black coating, an ultra-refined India rubber composite that is deceptively soft to the touch while being resilient to wear. The included faucet is also adorned fully adorned with the matte black finish, completing the look.
The Faucet is composed of 7 layers of electroplating material to prevent rust, ensure chemical stability, and mitigate wear over time. The faucet offers single lever water and temperature control, while the tapered design of both faucet and basin was engineered to allow for even water dispersion. The quality material also warrants less maintenance and easier usability. The spout head features LED white light from hydraulic energy derived from the water flow itself. A flexible hose extends 25” for ease of use and reach, while a special clip technology secures a detachable sprayer wand precisely into place when not in use.